Bill Maher Throws $1M Political Gauntlet To Hollywood: This Time It’s Personal

"L.A. There's a lot of rich f*cks and this is the time to step up." Pacific Palisades. has Beverly Hills and Bel Air and Brentwood and Malibu – it just goes on and on. Maher targeted Los Angeles' moneyed liberals – using rather less tactful phrasing –  demanding they put up the goods.
His donation earlier this week went to the Senate Majority Pac, a fundraising committee aligned with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Maher's first $1M contribution went to the re-election of Barack Obama against Mitt Romney.
Bill Maher's $1 million contribution to Democrats earlier this week wasn't the first time the HBO host hit the seven-figure giveaway mark – that was in 2012 – but this time, he said, it's personal. And he wants the rest of wealthy Hollywood to pony up.
I'm worried about this country and what's going to happen to it on a very existential level, including my own ass. Not enough." I got a lot of messages from people yesterday saying 'good for you,' and I just want to say to the ones who are rich who said that: Not enough. "This time it’s a little more personal.
I thought it was very important that the first black president get a second term, and all the money in the country was going to the Republicans. "In 2012 I did it but this is different," Maher said tonight on HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher. "That was for my country.
I don't." "Alex Jones says I have $100 million. "You know, this hurts me," Maher said. And Maher made sure viewers knew the gift didn't come easy.
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