‘The Dead Don’t Die’ Rests; ‘The Last Black Man In San Francisco’ Strong in 2nd Frame: Specialty Box Office

Farm grossed an estimated $194K in the three-day, averaging $1,102, bringing its cume as of Sunday to $2.93M. Neon’s The Biggest Little Farm is closing in on $3M. The Telluride/Toronto doc by John Chester eased to 176 theaters following its peak at 285 last weekend.
Papi Chulo (Blue Fox Entertainment) Week 2 [12 Theaters] Weekend $7,217, Average $601, Cume $17,763
5B (RYOT Films) NEW [127 Theaters] Weekend $40,000, Average $315
This is a back to back Cannes opening release for Focus. Everybody Knows eventually cumed $2.66M domestically. Everybody Knows was in fewer than half of The Dead Don’t Die’s location count at its peak. The company launched the festival’s 2018 starter, Everybody Knows starring Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz, which had a comparatively higher PTA in its first weekend, albeit in far fewer theaters. The drama grossed over $71K in just four locations, averaging $17,802.
Framing John DeLorean (IFC Films) Week 2 [10 Theater] Weekend $23,527, Average $2,353, Cume $32,633
Hampstead (IFC Films) NEW [12 Theaters] Weekend $24,144, Average $2,012
Doc Pavarotti upped its location count to 48 in its second frame, grossing $200K for a $4,168 PTA.
The Fall Of The American Empire (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 3 [8 Theaters] Weekend $4,798, Average $600, Cume $2,785,923 (total includes French-Canada opening last year)
The Souvenir (A24) Week 5 [83 Theaters] Weekend $60,000, Average $723, Cume $845,580
The Last Black Man In San Francisco (A24) Week 2 [36 Theaters] Weekend $361,120, Average $10,031, Cume $713,286
The Dead Don’t Die is Jarmusch’s widest opener. His unique take on the zombie genre delivers his signature brand of humor, style and substance for moviegoers.” Noted Focus president of Distribution when reporting numbers Sunday: “We’re thrilled to see Jim’s biggest opening and his top grossing weekend ever with this film.
The Tomorrow Man (Bleecker Street) Week 4 [78 Theaters] Weekend $30,353, Average $389, Cume $335,210
American Woman (Roadside Attractions/Vertical Entertainment) NEW [117 Theaters] Weekend $102,825, Average $878
The Film Arcade opened comedy Being Frank with Jim Gaffigan in three locations, grossing an estimated $15,409 and a $5,136 PTA, while IFC Films went for a dozen runs for dramedy-romance, Hampstead with Diane Keaton and Brendan Gleeson, grossing $24,144 ($2,012 PTA).
Jennie Livingston’s seminal Paris Is Burning began its re-release exclusively at New York’s Film Forum, grossing $11K. The weekend’s best opening PTA goes to an early ‘90s doc hit. Paris Is Burning became one of the pioneering non-fiction films to break seven figures in the box office, topping $3.77M.
Halston (1091) Week 4 [30 Theater] Weekend $18,428, Average 614$, Cume $97,331
A24’s The Last Black Man In San Francisco had the highest opening PTA in its debut and it carried it over to its second weekend, grossing an estimated $361,120 in 36 locations, averaging $10,031. It has cumed over $713K. The Sundance debut by first-time feature writer-director Joe Talbot grossed over $235K in its opening frame, averaging $33,610. The weekend’s best average goes to a second frame title.
There were a fairly sizable group of specialties opening given that it’s decidedly studio season. RYOT Films opened doc 5B in 127 theaters for $40K and a slight $315 PTA.
The title had a traditional specialty 3 theater launch, grossing nearly $56K in its opener, averaging $18,607 ($426K cume). Focus released the director’s 2014 film, The Limits Of Control, which also featured The Dead Don’t Die stars Bill Murray and Tilda Swinton along with Gael Garcia Bernal in 2009.
The White Crow (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 8 [34 Theaters] Weekend $26,960, Average $793, Cume $1,718,063
Late Night (Amazon Studios) Week 2 [2,220 Theaters] Weekend $5,136,734, Average $2,314, Cume $5,449,552
Woodstock: Three Days That Defined a Generation (PBS Distribution) Week 4 [9 Theaters] Weekend $9,150, Average $1,017, Cume $57,431
Pavarotti (CBS Films) Week 2 [48 Theaters] Weekend $200,000, Average $4,168, Cume $429,000
All Is True (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 6 [190 Theaters] Weekend $87,184, Average $458, Cume $968,513
Meeting Gorbachev (1091) Week 7 [7 Theaters] Weekend $2,649, Average $378, Cume $223,493
The Dead Don’t Die (Focus Features) NEW [613 Theaters] Weekend $2,350,000, Average $3,827
1091’s Halston added 11 runs in its fourth outing with slow results, grossing $18,428 in 30 theaters, averaging $614 and a cume of $97K.
Paris Is Burning (Janus Films) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $11,000
Non-Fiction (IFC Films) Week 7 [42 Theaters] Weekend $28,478, Average $678, Cume $618,904
The Spy Behind Home Plate (The Ciesla Foundation) Week 4 [25 Theaters] Weekend $26,015, Average $1,041, Cume $127,056
The title had slow traction, grossing just under $103K, averaging $878. Sienna Miller starrer American Woman went for 117 runs starting Friday.
Greenwich Entertainment jumped L.A. The title grossed $197,200, averaging $2,900. Last weekend, it grossed over $202K in 43 locations, averaging $4,705. Echo should handily join the seven-figure club, standing at over $795K as of Sunday music doc Echo In The Canyon to 68 runs in its fourth frame, still holding solid.
A very different film, Bleecker Street released Jarmusch’s previous film, Paterson with Adam Driver with a very different release, bowing in just four theaters in late 2016, grossing $69,335 ($17,334 PTA), going on to cume $2.15M.
Focus release Broken Flowers remains Jarmusch’s highest grosser at over $13.74M. Also with The Dead Don’t Dieactors Murray, Swinton and Chloë Sevigny, the film bowed in 27 theaters in August, 2005 grossing over $780K in its opening frame, averaging $28,904.
The title starring Alec Baldwin as the industrialist who created the iconic Back To The Future auto opened with a single run last weekend, grossing $6,991. IFC Films added 9 theaters for Framing John DeLorean in its second outing, grossing $23,527 in ten locations, averaging $2,353.
Being Frank (The Film Arcade) NEW [3 Theaters] Weekend $15,409, Average $5,136
The Biggest Little Farm (Neon) Week 6 [176 Theaters] Weekend $194,000, Average $1,102, Cume $2,933,866
Echo In The Canyon (Greenwich Entertainment) Week 4 [68 Theaters] Weekend $197,200, Average $2,900, Cume $795,488
Our Time (Monument Releasing) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $3,000
Cannes opener The Dead Don’t Die from Jim Jarmusch bowed in fairly wide 613 theaters Fathers Day weekend, featuring a pack of big named stars turned zombie. The title sauntered to a $2.35M gross in 613 theaters for a $3,827 per theater average.
Amazing Grace (Neon) Week 12 [5 Theaters] Weekend $11,295, Average $2,259, Cume $8,811,301″ />

‘Under The Silver Lake’ Drums Up Top PTA In Crowded Weekend; ‘Amazing Grace’ At $1.3M In Third Frame – Specialty Box Office

Teen Spirit (Bleecker Street) Week 2 [696 Theaters] Weekend $250,536, Average $360, Cume $305,356
Hotel Mumbai (Bleecker Street) Week 5 [314 Theaters] Weekend $494,504, Average $1,575, Cume $8,940,274
Next up for Hail Satan? are roll outs in key markets in the Bay Area, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Portland as well as Brooklyn’s BAM. Directed by Penny Lane and centering on the activist group The Satanic Temple, the title took in $25,700, averaging $8,567. Sundance doc Hail Satan? had its theatrical debut on Good Friday with three runs in New York and L.A. The numbers include New York’s Wednesday opening at IFC Center (L.A.’s two theaters began showings on Friday).
https://twitter.com/jehorowitz/status/1119659353928134656″ />
Amazing Grace (Neon) Week 3 [188 Theaters] Weekend $591,642, Average $3,147, Cume $1,336,458
Little Woods (Neon) NEW [33 Theaters] Weekend $66,415, Average $2,013
Friday to Sunday, the sci-fi thriller grossed $292K, averaging $2K. Claire Denis’ High Life with Robert Pattinson played 114 additional locations over last weekend brining its count to 146. High Life has cumed $688,621 It took in nearly $180K in its previous weekend frame in 32 theaters, averaging $5,621.
In three AMC locations in New York and L.A., the SXSW ’18 debut grossed $20,400 ($6,800 PTA). The company will take the title to 75 markets next weekend. The Film Arcade opened comedy Family, the debut from writer-director Laura Steinel, starring Taylor Schilling.
Wild Nights With Emily (Greenwich Entertainment) Week 2 [33 Theaters] Weekend $67,762, Average $2,053, Cume $106,551
Apollo 11 (Neon) Week 8 [101 Theaters] Weekend $110,000, Average $1,089, Cume $8,484,424
IFC Films’ Red Joan was the only other limited release starter to have a per theater average with five figures. Starring Dame Judi Dench as Joan Stanley, the KGB’s longest-serving British spy, the feature grossed $40,631 in four locations, averaging $10,158. and Boston while also adding runs in New York and L.A. areas. The company said Sunday it is expecting to “see a nice bump today from matinee audiences” who are fans of Dench. Red Joan will expand to the top five markets next weekend including Chicago, San Francisco, D.C.
Greenwich Entertainment’s Wild Nights With Emily jumped to 33 runs a nearly $68K gross ($2,053 PTA). Kino Lorber’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night had the best second weekend PTA, for a $48,430 weekend in seven locations, averaging $6,918. Among holdovers, Gunpowder & Sky expanded Elisabeth Moss starrer Her Smell to 24 theaters, grossing $68,736 ($2,864 PTA).
In a follow-up Tweet, Horowitz said the title will be “around another few days,” adding: “And after it’s gone, we’ll see what we can do about getting it more widely available as soon as possible.”
Peterloo (Amazon Studios) Week 3 [92 Theaters] Weekend $38,065, Average $413, Cume $117,936
Screen Media has not reported weekend numbers for Terry Gilliam’s The Man Who Killed Don Quixote as of early Sunday afternoon EDT.
The film is now in the elite club of seven-figured non-fiction films and one of the only to do so this year so far. Centered on a 1972 concert the singer gave at a Watts church, the title grossed $591,642, averaging a solid $3,147. Neon added 130 runs for Aretha Franklin doc Amazing Grace in its third frame. The feature, shot by Sydney Pollack, $349K last weekend in 58 theaters, averaging just over $6K.
The Mustang (Focus Features) Week 6 [487 Theaters] Weekend $533,000, Average $1,094, Cume $4,032,000
Never Look Away (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 13 [10 Theater] Weekend $18,375, Average $1,838, Cume $1,230,222
The Hummingbird Project (The Orchard) Week 6 [5 Theaters] Weekend $1,533, Average $307, Cume $371,233
Noted exec Elissa Federoff: “Nia Dacosta is an exciting new filmmaker and working with partners like Refinery 29 and Planned Parenthood have helped us get the word out on this important film.” A debut out of last year’s Tribeca Film Festival, the feature starring Lily James, Tessa Thompson, Luke Kirby and Lance Reddick took $66,415 in the weekend box office ($2,013). Neon noted Sunday that Little Woods came in at number one at the Angelika in New York. Neon bowed Nia DaCosta’s Western crime-drama Little Woods in 33 theaters.
Her Smell (Gunpowder & Sky) Week 2 [24 Theaters] Weekend $68,736, Average $2,864, Cume $117,577
This weekend, the title grossed $86,420 in a total of 55 locations, averaging $1,571 (-11%) bringing its cume to just under $223K. Despite the steady increases, the title starring Elizabeth McGovern and Haley Lu Richardson has seen its per theater averages hold pretty steady. PBS Distribution added 21 runs for The Chaperon’s fourth outing.
Mike Leigh’s historical epic Peterloo grossed a slow $38K in its third weekend with an additional 60 runs over last weekend, bringing its PTA to $413. Peterloo has cumed just under $118K. Peterloo took in $32,498 in its previous frame in 32 theaters, averaging $1,016.
Girls Of The Sun (Cohen Media Group) Week 2 [10 Theaters] Weekend $5,752, Average $575, Cume $16,120
In 487 theaters the drama starring Matthias Schoenaerts and Bruce Dern grossed $533K, averaging $1,094. Focus Features’ The Mustang galloped just over $4M in its sixth frame.
The polarizing film will roll out theatrically into top markets next week…” Under The Silver Lake will also be available on demand through home entertainment platforms starting Tuesday, April 23. Noted A24 Sunday: “Audiences turned out for David Robert Mitchell’s impeccably crafted neo-noir starring Andrew Garfield in a terrific lead performance.
Ash Is Purest White (Cohen Media Group) Week 6 [15 Theaters] Weekend $14,272, Average $951, Cume $381,303
Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché (Zeitgeist in association with Kino Lorber) NEW [1 Theater] Weekend $3,801
Under The Silver Lake (A24) NEW [2 Theaters] Weekend $40,157, Average $20,079
Family (The Film Arcade) NEW [3 Theaters] Weekend $20,400, Average $6,800
The Sundance debut by Todd Douglas Miller has a three-day $110K estimate in 101 theaters, averaging $1,089. Neon’s Apollo 11 is in the stratosphere with an $8.48M cume, now in its eight frame.
Hail Satan? [Magnolia Pictures] NEW [3 Theaters] Weekend $25,700, Average $8,567
Bleecker Street’s Teen Spirit took a hit with an expansion from four to 696 theaters in its second frame, grossing $250,536 in the three-day estimate, averaging just $360.
Transit (Music Box Films) Week 8 [29 Theaters] Weekend $24,711, Average $852, Cume $729,936
Lionsgate did not immediately get back to a request for comment.
Last weekend, the title also had a 21 theater increase to 34 theaters for $59,398 and a $1,747 PTA.
Red Joan (IFC Films) NEW [4 Theaters] Weekend $40,631, Average $10,158
Initially slated for a summer slot following its debut at last year’s Cannes Film Festival, A24 moved writer-director David Robert Mitchell’s Under The Silver Lake to late fall and then finally gave it a spring start. Its opening weekend $40K-plus start in a crowded market gave the title some legs.
Long Day’s Journey Into Night (Kino Lorber Films) Week 2 [7 Theaters] Weekend $48,430, Average $6,918
The Chaperone (PBS Distribution) Week 4 [55 Theaters] Weekend $86,420, Average $1,571, Cume $222,854
It appears the company is giving this a short run. Producer Jordan Horowitz (who also produced Lionsgate’s Oscar-winning box office hit LaLa Land) Tweeted Sunday: “Some news, if you want to see Fast Color in a theater, it’s looking like this weekend may be your only chance. While PR and reviews have been solid, there’s simply not enough awareness.” Lionsgate took sci-fi drama Fast Color to 25 theaters over the holiday weekend to $37,500 ($1,500 PTA).
No Manches Frida 2 (Pantelion/Lionsgate) Week 6 [73 Theaters] Weekend $70,000, Average $959, Cume $9,177,474
The title, which stars Andrew Garfield and Riley Keough, grossed $40,157 in two locations over the Easter and Passover holiday weekend, averaging $20,079, the highest per theater average among releases as of Sunday morning. Cannes 2018 crime-dramedy Under The Silver Lake by David Robert Mitchell came out on top among the weekend’s crowded roster of specialty newcomers, which mostly had slow launches. The A24 title had a long journey to its theatrical release.
Rafiki (Film Movement) NEW [2 Theaters] Weekend $13,155, Average $6,577, Cume $18,547 (includes pre-release sneak gross)
High Life (A24) Week 3 [146 Theaters] Weekend $292,000, Average $2,000, Cume $688,621
Birds Of Passage (The Orchard) Week 10 [7 Theaters] Weekend $4,450, Average $636, Cume $506,617
Fast Color (Lionsgate) NEW [25 Theaters] Weekend $37,500, Average $1,500
The Beach Bum (Neon/Vice) Week 4 [36 Theaters] Weekend $35,500, Average $986, Cume $3,415,998
Gloria Bell (A24) Week 7 [100 Theaters] Weekend $76,000, Average $760, Cume $5,486,222

‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ Opens Solid as Others Bow Slowly; ‘Mary Queen of Scots’ Expands with Fine: Specialty Box Office

Ahead of the weekend roll-out of The House That Jack Built, IFC Films gave a one-day slate of screenings of the director’s cut of the film November 28, prompting a verbal tussle with the MPAA over ratings, though it’s hard to believe parents might blindly take their kids to see a von Trier film.
The feature will then go wide January 18. The feature will then be in the top 75 markets January 4, followed by the top 150 by January 11. Annapurna will expand If Beale Street Could Talk to the top 25 markets in between 65 and 70 theaters next weekend going into Christmas.
“We had great exits and a diverse audience that loved the performances and really responded to the love story, which is both timeless and timely. "We always knew how incredibly special and wonderful Barry Jenkins' Beale Street is, and are happy that audiences feel the same way,” commented Annapurna’s president of Distribution Erik Lomis Sunday. We are thrilled."
Next week, December 21, the film will go into its national release, as we expect to be playing the film in 750-800 theaters.” Last weekend, the feature grossed $1.5M in 91 theaters, averaging $16,523. The Favourite by Yorgos Lanthimos continues to be a specialty box office bright spot. Said Searchlight Sunday: “With great reviews and more and more awards recognition, the film is gathering strong momentum as we head into the holiday playtime. Fox Searchlight added 348 runs for its fourth outing, grossing $2.57M in 439 locations, averaging $5,854.
Anna And The Apocalypse (Orion Pictures) Week 3 [138 Theaters] Weekend $135,988, Average $985, Cume $413,683
Wildlife (IFC Films) Week 9 [24 Theaters] Weekend $7,641, Average $318, Cume $993,744
Lars von Trier’s latest, The House That Jack Built from IFC Films, had an even slower start in theaters, though the title is also available on-demand and it played more runs compared to other weekend debuts. Starring Matt Dillon, the title grossed $40,436 in 33 locations, averaging $1,225.
A Private War (Aviron Pictures) Week 7 [50 Theaters] Weekend $14,000, Average $280, Cume $1,597,875
Beautiful Boy (Amazon Studios) Week 10 [88 Theaters] Weekend $32,896, Average $374, Cume $7,520,100
Mirai (GKIDS) Week 3 [6 Theaters] Weekend $3,207, Average $534, Cume $683,210″ />
The House That Jack Built (IFC Films) NEW [33 Theaters] Weekend $40,436, Average $1,225, Cume $210,549
IFC Films’ previous von Trier release, Antichrist with Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg, grossed over $71K in its first outing in six theaters, averaging $11,900. It went on to cume $404K in theaters, though again, it presumably did much better on demand.
Mary Queen of Scots (Focus Features) Week 2 [66 Theaters] Weekend $700,000, Average $10,607, Cume $963,000
Never-Ending Man: Hayao Miyazaki (GKids) NEW [377 Theaters on Thursday; 4 Theaters Friday – Sunday] Weekend $67,416, Average $179 (This includes Thursday showings)
Ben Is Back (LD Entertainment/Roadside Attractions/Lionsgate) Week 2 [29 Theaters] Weekend $145,543, Average $5,018, Cume $246,867
The PTA is a bit more than half that of the Cannes Palme d’Or winner, Shoplifters’ opening average. That film, by Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-eda, grossed over $89K when Magnolia opened it stateside in November, averaging $17,853 in five theaters. Lebanon-born filmmaker Nadine Labaki’s Capernaum bowed in three theaters over the weekend, grossing $27,588, giving the Cannes Jury prize winner a $9,196 average.
Can You Ever Forgive Me? (Fox Searchlight) Week 9 [166 Theaters] Weekend $140,000, Average $843, Cume $7,264,860
Searchlight’s The Favourite, meanwhile, continues to be a standout. Starring Olivia Colman as Queen Anne, as well as Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz as her aristocratic suitors, the title played 439 theaters Friday to Sunday, grossing $2.57M, averaging $5,854 in its fourth outing. The weekend total placed it 12th in the overall box office as of Sunday morning, though all of the titles above it were in far more theaters.
Becoming Astrid (Music Box Films) Week 4 [12 Theaters] Weekend $3,900, Average $325, Cume $64,793
At Eternity’s Gate (CBS Films) Week 5 [178 Theaters] Weekend $188,000, Average $1,056, Cume $1,446,358
Tag Along: The Devil Fish (China Lion) Week 2 [ Theaters] Weekend $, Average $
“It is more difficult than ever theatrically and also difficult on the small screen as well,” said SPC co-president Michael Barker earlier in the week ahead of Capernaum’s theatrical launch. “You just hope that a film like Capernaum has the ability to cross over. Still, given the challenge non-English films currently face in the US, Capernaum’s numbers did show some silver lining. That does happen two or three times a year.”
Green Book (Universal) Week 5 [1,215 Theaters] Weekend $2,780,000, Average $2,288, Cume $24,660,366
Suspiria (Amazon Studios) Week 8 [19 Theaters] Weekend $7,650, Average $403, Cume $2,471,771
Amazon Studios’ Beautiful Boy crossed $7.5M in its tenth weekend of release. The title, starring Steve Carell and Timothée Chalamet, grossed nearly $33K, averaging $374.
Boy Erased (Focus Features) Week 7 [173 Theaters] Weekend $85,000, Average $491, Cume $6,600,000
Capernaum (Sony Pictures Classics) NEW [3 Theaters] Weekend $27,588, Average $9,196
Vox Lux (Neon) Week 2 [325 Theaters] Weekend $244,000, Average $751, Cume $433,211
With its eight-figure cume of $10.79M, the title is firmly part of a quadrant of docs from the year to gross over $10M in theaters, though it still has some distance to climb before reaching the $12.32M cume of Neon’s Three Identical Strangers. ($22.6M). Marking its third month in theaters, the National Geographic Documentary Film/Greenwich Entertainment release by Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi grossed $132K in 100 theaters, averaging $1,320. Doc Free Solo is closing in on $11M. The other big docs of the year, of course, include Magnolia’s RBG ($14M) and Focus’ Won’t You Be My Neighbor?
Border (Neon) Week 8 [31 Theaters] Weekend $16,358, Average $528, Cume $723,961
But Beale Street nevertheless showed solid zeal. Directed by Barry Jenkins, the film, which is his follow- up to the 2016 Oscar Best Picture winner Moonlight, did not roll out with the apex numbers of the latter’s opening frame. The weekend opening of Annapurna’s If Beale Street Could Talk provided some box office zest in an awards season that has had its share of doldrums. If Beale Street Could Talk had a $219,173 take in four locations Friday to Sunday, averaging $54,793.
It has cumed $246,867. Directed by Peter Hedges, Ben Is Back played 25 additional theaters from its opening bow, taking in $145,543, averaging $5,018. The Neon release grossed $244K in a total of 325 theaters, bringing its cume to $433,211. Ben Is Back and Vox Lux were lackluster, though Ben Is Back definitely had the better second frame of the two. Vox Lux from Brady Corbet slid down to a $751 PTA, though it played 319 additional theaters vs its opening frame. The title opened in four locations last weekend, grossing nearly $81K, averaging $20,184.
If Beale Street Could Talk (Annapurna Pictures) NEW [4 Theaters] Weekend $219,173, Average $54,793
“We did special Dolby ATMOS screenings with AMC last week, along with our regular sneak previews in new markets on Thursday, which bumped up our Friday number,” noted Focus Sunday when reporting its weekend numbers. “If you take those ATMOS shows out of Friday, we are up 51% from Friday to Saturday.” Focus added that it will expand Mary Queen of Scots to about 700 runs next weekend.
Free Solo (National Geographic Documentary Film/Greenwich Entertainment) Week 12 [100 Theaters] Weekend $132,020, Average $1,320, Cume $10,793,548
Maria By Callas (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 7 [62 Theaters] Weekend $28,354, Average $457, Cume $1,139,545
Also opening this weekend was GKIDS bio-doc Never-Ending Man: Hayao Miyazaki , which had a one night event showing in 377 locations Thursday while playing several regular runs Friday to Sunday. In all, the title grossed $67,416, with Thursday representing $59,371 of that total.
Barry Jenkins’ If Beale Street Could Talk opened to good numbers Friday, which was actually its strongest day. Overall, the title, based on the book by James Baldwin, grossed an estimated $145,543 in the three-day, averaging $54,793, the eighth-best PTA of the year, just above Amazon Studios’ Beautiful Boy, which averaged $54,722 in its opening frame.
Starring Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan, the company reported a $700K estimated three-day gross, averaging $10,607. Focus Features added 62 runs for Mary Queen of Scots in its second weekend. Mary Queen of Scots bowed in four locations the previous weekend, grossing nearly $195K, averaging $48,694.
The Favourite (Fox Searchlight) Week 4 [439 Theaters] Weekend $2,570,000, Average $5,854, Cume $6,739,903
Beale Street’s launch gives the the film momentum as it expands in the coming weeks, though it’s tempered compared to the filmmaker’s previous film, Moonlight, which set a bar that’s a challenge to replicate. Searchlight’s The Favourite is the only title to have a six-figure opening frame PTA this year. Released via A24, Moonlight grossed $402K in four theaters in its launch in four theaters, giving it a $100,519 PTA. Annapurna’s estimates had Beale Street grossing $81,575 Friday, while it fell 6% Saturday to $76,444. It went on to cume $27.85M.
The Great Buster: A Celebration (Cohen Media Group) Week 11 [3 Theaters] Weekend $1,759, Average $586, Cume $144,199
Neon’s Vox Lux with Natalie Portman fared dismally in its second weekend, bringing its location count to 325, taking in $244K for a $751 PTA. Starring Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan, the historical drama grossed $700K, averaging $10,607, bringing its cume to $963K. It has cumed $433,211. Ben Is Back, starring Julia Roberts and Lucas Hedges from LD Entertainment/Roadside Attractions/Lionsgate, expanded to 29 runs, grossing an estimated three-day $145,543, averaging $5,018. The film’s second outing was a bright spot among the weekend’s small group of holdovers. Focus Features jumped Mary Queen of Scots to 66 theaters in its second frame to a solid expansion.
The House of Jack Built grossed $40,436, averaging $1,225. The House That Jack Built by Danish director Lars von Trier was slower in the box office, though the title, which stars Matt Dillon, Bruno Ganz, Uma Thurman and Riley Keough, was also available via digital/VOD. The dramedy/horror was also in 33 theaters in its opening frame.
The Wife (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 18 [67 Theaters] Weekend $21,928, Average $327, Cume $8,152,924
Other openers were comparatively modest. The numbers gave the title an estimated $9,196 per-theater average, which, given the fact it’s an Arabic language film and a title some have had difficulty pronouncing, may not be bad, given the difficulty of releasing non-English language films stateside, save for something like Roma, though, of course, those numbers are not fully known. Sony Classics opened Cannes Jury Prize winner Capernaum in three locations, grossing $27,588.

‘The Favourite’ Reigns With Year’s Highest Opening Average; Palme d’Or Winner ‘Shoplifters’ Solid: Specialty Box Office

Mid90s (A24) Week 6 [38 Theaters] Weekend $60,000, Average $1,579, Cume $7,269,810
I think we’re poised to do very well next week.” “The two highest grossers were the Arclight and Union Square in New York, which tend to have younger [crowds]. We could see the passion and interest from the [pre-release] screenings at Telluride and New York Film Festival. “There was a good range of [demos] in the audiences at the Q&As,” added Rodriguez. It also did very well at The Landmark in L.A.
The Favourite (Fox Searchlight) NEW [4 Theaters] Weekend $420,000, Average $105,000
Last year, Call Me By Your Name [which also opened Thanksgiving weekend last year] was $103K. “We thought the film would open well. “We obviously had a more than satisfying weekend, and it was more than expected,” said Fox Searchlight exec Frank Rodriguez Sunday. It is the highest [opening] PTA in two years if [final numbers] are an average of $105K. We can end up a bit above or below that.” 
The period drama, starring Olivia Colman, Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz, and set against the whimsical court of Queen Anne in 18th century England, ascended atop the year’s list of best opening weekend per theater averages. Thanksgiving weekend was bountiful for Fox Searchlight’s The Favourite.
And doc Free Solo from National Geographic Documentary Film and Greenwich Entertainment is climbing ever closer to the eight-figure mark. The title grossed just over $496K in the three-day estimate, averaging $3,397 putting it at $9,693,201 as of Sunday.
Free Solo (National Geographic Documentary Film/Greenwich Entertainment) Week 9 [146 Theaters] Weekend $496,066, Average $3,397, Cume $9,693,201
Universal’s Green Book appears to have found better footing in fairly wide release. Also directed by Edgerton, the title has a three-day estimate of $1,158,000 from 672 theaters, averaging $1,723. Green Book’s cume is estimated at $7.8M. The feature, starring Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali, took in over $5.44M from 1,063 theaters in the three-day, averaging $5,120. Universal opened the title in just 25 locations last weekend, taking in $320K for a $12,817 average.
The Telluride/Toronto film has cumed $4.54M. Boy Erased jumped to 409 locations last weekend, grossing over $1.32M ($3,237 average).
Green Book (Universal) Week 2 [1,063 Theaters] Weekend $5,443,000, Average $5,120, Cume $7,801,401
Last Letter (China Lion) Week 3 [4 Theaters] Weekend $4,150, Average $1,038, Cume $176,040
Searchlight’s Can You Ever Forgive Me? crossed $6M in its sixth frame. Starring Melissa McCarthy and directed by Marielle Heller, the title grossed $593K in 441 theaters in the three-day, averaging $1,392 bringing its cume as of Sunday to $6,026,746.
“It was evident after the first screening in Cannes that this was the one – it’s a pinnacle in a career of pinnacles. "We’ve been fans of Kore-eda’s for many years and have wanted to work on another film of his since 2012 when we released I Wish,” commented Magnolia’s Neal Block earlier this week. Our intrepid acquisitions team closed on it hours before it won the Palme d’Or.”
and San Francisco to a good start, taking in $88K in the three-day weekend estimate, averaging $17,600. 2018 Cannes Palme d’Or winner, Shoplifters rolled out to five theaters in New York, L.A.
Amazon Studios’ Beautiful Boy, meanwhile, went over $7M in its seventh outing. Starring Steve Carell and Timothée Chalamet, the title took in $350,520 Friday to Sunday from 254 runs, averaging $1,380 putting its theatrical total at $7,019,669.
A Private War (Aviron Pictures) Week 4 [226 Theaters] Weekend $135,000, Average $597, Cume $1,402,868
Focus Features’ Boy Erased starring Lucas Hedges, Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe and Joel Edgerton played an additional 263 theaters marking its first full month in
(Fox Searchlight) Week 6 [441 Theaters] Weekend $593,000; 5-day: $760,000, Average $1,392; 5-day: $1,723, Cume $6,026,746 Can You Ever Forgive Me?
El Angel (The Orchard) Week 3 [8 Theaters] Weekend $8,384, Average $762, Cume $74,163
One non-Netflix exec noted over the weekend having seen what looks like sold-out showings of the title, which is getting its theatrical awards-play in order. Alfonso Cuarón’s anticipated Roma began its limited theatrical runs ahead of its Netflix bow. The company is not reporting numbers, as usual, but anecdotally it looks like it is a hit with audiences, with crowds packing theaters where the film is playing.
Border (Neon) Week 5 [37Theaters] Weekend $76,984; 5-day: $92,349, Average $2,081; 5-day: $2,496, Cume $456,037
Suspiria (Amazon Studios) Week 5 [34 Theaters] Weekend $49,300, Average $1,450, Cume $2,341,420
Searchlight said Sunday that its three-day estimates are “conservative,” so it could either end up being the second or third-best opening frame per-theater average in the company’s history. The Favourite was just that for specialty audiences looking to catch a clear awards contender, opening with a three-day $420K gross from four theaters, averaging a year’s best $105K, the first film of 2018 to cross a six figure-PTA.
Becoming Astrid (Music Box Films) NEW [3 Theaters] Weekend $5,121, Average $1,707
It has cumed $682,291. The film took in an estimated $158,893 Friday to Sunday, averaging $2,889, only a 13% drop from last weekend’s $3,333 average in 29 theaters ($96,651 gross). Sony Pictures Classics added 26 theaters for doc Maria By Callas also hitting its one month threshold.
In the three-day, the title – starring Willem Dafoe as Vincent Van Gogh – grossed $211,728, averaging $6,830. Distributor CBS Films reported five-day numbers which can be found below. Julian Schnabel’s At Eternity’s Gate played an additional 27 runs over its opening frame. At Eternity’s Gate opened in four locations the prior weekend, taking in nearly $93K for a $23,214 average. The film has cumed $398,549.
The Great Buster: A Celebration (Cohen Media Group) Week 8 [5 Theaters] Weekend $3,115, Average $623, Cume $87,146
The Wife (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 15 [16 Theaters] Weekend $8,964, Average $560, Cume $7,784,170″ />
Wildlife (IFC Films) Week 6 [73 Theaters] Weekend $67,864, Average $930, Cume $839,058
The Favourite is one of the top two or three openers for Searchlight (depending on how the box office settles after the weekend), and tops the previous 2018 best PTA opener, Suspiria, with a $92K average when it bowed in late October. Opening Friday, the Yorgos Lanthimos-directed film grossed $420,000 in four New York and Los Angeles theaters, averaging $105K.
The World Before Your Feet (Greenwich Entertainment) NEW [2 Theaters] Weekend $22,000, Average $11,000, Cume $27,626
as well as the Arclight, selling out the Dome which pushed the title’s numbers. “It’s very crowded these days at Thanksgiving, it’s hard to get seats now,” said Rodriguez. “We were expecting good numbers [on par] with last year’s The Shape of Water ($166,564 opening gross, $83,282 PTA) or Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri ($322,168 opening gross, $80,542 PTA).” Rodriguez added that director Yorgos Lanthimos took part in Q&As at the Landmark in L.A.
Boy Erased (Focus Features) Week 4 [672 Theaters] Weekend $1,158,000; 5-day: $1,509,000, Average $1,723; 5-day: $2,258, Cume $4,540,000
At Eternity’s Gate (CBS Films) Week 2 [31 Theaters] Weekend $211,728; 5-day: $286,000, Average $6,830 ;5-day: $9,225, Cume $398,549
for $5,121 ($1,707 average). And Music Box Films opened bio-drama Becoming Astrid at Film Forum in New York and the Laemmle Royal in L.A. Among other openers, Greenwich Entertainment bowed doc The World Before Your Feet on Wednesday in New York and Friday in Los Angeles to a solid start. Executive produced by Jesse Eisenberg and directed by Jeremy Workman, the title grossed $22,000 in the three-day, averaging $11K, with a cume of $27,626 through the holiday weekend.
Colette (Bleecker Street) Week 10 [34 Theaters] Weekend $16,074; 4-day: $20,431, Average $473; 4-day: $601, Cume $5,121,722
Shoplifters (Magnolia Pictures) NEW [5 Theaters] Weekend $88,000, Average $17,600
Shoah: Four Sisters (Cohen Media Group) Week 2 [3 Theater] Weekend $1,683, Average $561, Cume $6,613
Searchlight will add seven more markets, including San Francisco, Dallas, Austin, Washington, D.C, Boston, Chicago, and Phoenix next weekend, jumping its location count to between 25 and 30 runs.
Maria By Callas (Sony Pictures Classics) Week 4 [55 Theaters] Weekend $158,893, Average $2,889, Cume $682,291
A Cool Fish (China Lion) Week 2 [18 Theaters] Weekend $80,000, Average $4,444, Cume $221,872
Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel quite comfortably remains the company’s highest PTA debut at $202,792 from an $811,166 opening weekend gross also in 2014. Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Birdman took in just over $474K in its opening in October, 2014, averaging $106,099. The title went on to cume $42.34M. That title cumed $59.3M
Lionsgate/Summit’s La La Land had a $176,221 opening PTA in five theaters in December, 2016.
Tea With The Dames (Sundance Selects) Week 10 [21 Theaters] Weekend $13,772, Average $656, Cume $832,142
The Old Man & The Gun (Fox Searchlight) Week 9 [110 Theaters] Weekend $95,000; 5-day: $126,000, Average $1,044; 5-day: $1,145, Cume $10,783,328
Magnolia Pictures rolled out Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Shoplifters in five theaters this weekend, grossing $88K for a solid $17,600 PTA. That film, which featured Elisabeth Moss, came in just a bit higher in its opening frame in late October, 2017, grossing $74,233 in four locations, averaging $18,558. The feature is the second Palme d’Or winner in a row for Magnolia Pictures, which also opened the 2017 winner of the top Cannes Film Festival prize, The Square by Swedish filmmaker Ruben Östlund.
Beautiful Boy (Amazon Studios) Week 7 [254 Theaters] Weekend $350,520, Average $1,380, Cume $7,019,669

‘Last Jedi’ Has Upper Hand Over ‘Jumanji’ In New Year’s Weekend Duel As 2017 B.O. Closes With $11.1B – Monday Update

Downsizing  (PAR), 2,664 theaters (-4)/ $1.6M Fri  /$1.8M Sat/ $1.2M Sun/ $1.4M Mon/3-day: $4.7M (-8%)/ 4-day: $6.1M/Total: $18.5M/ Wk 2
Ferdinand  (FOX), 3,337 theaters (-293) / $4M Fri /3-day: $10.5M/4-day: $13.7M/Total: $55.8M/ Wk 3″ />
Pitch Perfect 3  (UNI), 3,468 theaters (+21)/ $6.6M  Fri/$6.6M Sat/ $4.5M Sun/$5M Mon/ 3-day: $17.7M (-11%)/4-day: $22.7M/Total: $69.2M/ Wk 2
13. Molly's Game (STX) 271 theaters/$740K Fri/$880k Sat/ $710K Sun/ Mon3-day: $2.33m/4-day: $3.11M/Total: $6M/ Wk 1
The Post  (FOX/DW), 9 theaters (0) / $171K  Fri /$202k Sat/$186K Sun/ $234K Mon/3-day: $561K (+7%)/PTA: $59,9K/4-day $795K/Total: $1.99M/Wk 2
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle  (SONY), 3,765 theaters (0) / $17.8M Fri/$19.5M Sat/$13.1M Sun/$16.2M Mon/3-day: $50.3M (+39%)/4-day: $66.5M/ Total:$185.75M/ Wk 2
This riveting movie is in the unfortunate position of trying to play catch-up. Also, Sony has bragging rights with the second best title at the holiday B.O, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, which will see a running stateside cume of $186.3M by end of Monday. Award wins out of the Golden Globes and possible Oscar noms are truly the only thing that could get this title's ticket sales juiced, with critics mostly high at 77% certified fresh, but not over the moon. R-rated titles in wide release are quite challenged in the current marketplace, with Sony/TriStar's Getty kidnapping thriller All the Money in the World only filing $7.2M over four-days. Paul Getty), Sony originally planned to tee off this Ridley Scott-directed movie in a bigger way, starting with a November AFI Film Festival premiere and an earlier December theatrical release. Before the Kevin Spacey sexual allegations and the early December re-shoots with Christopher Plummer (who is winning high praise for his portrayal as J. On the other hand, there's no better time than the present momentous holiday playing field to create buzz.
Studio and industry reported estimates for the weekend of Dec. 29-31, 2017:
Wonder (LG), 1,193 theaters (+63) / $1.2M Fri /$1.1M Sat/ $860K Sun/$1M Mon/3-day: $3.28M(+65%)/4-day: $4.3M /Total: $122.6M/ Wk 7
The Greatest Showman  (FOX), 3,316 theaters (+310) / $5.3M Fri /$5.7M Sat/ $4.4M Sun/ $5.15M Mon/3-day: $15.6M (+77%)/4-day $20.75M/Total: $54.2M/Wk 2
/11 The Shape of Water  (FSL), 756 theaters (+26)  / $1.1m Fri /$1.3M Sat/ Sun/ Mon/3-day: $3.49M (+16%)/4-day: $4.8M/Total: $17M/Wk 5
Don't count horror out: In 2012, Paramount pulled off a $33.7M opening for The Devil Inside off an F CinemaScore during the first weekend in the year. This box office rally is going to continue into next weekend, and just when you thought that the millennials had seen it all, Blumhouse/Universal will release Insidious: The Last Key, the fourth in the horror franchise. Being PG-13, Insidious: The Last Key looks to pull in largely teen girls.
The Greatest Showman  (FOX), 3,316 theaters (+310) / $4.5M Fri /3-day: $13.6M/4-day $18M/Total: $51.5M/Wk 2
Pitch Perfect 3  (UNI), 3,468 theaters (+21)/ $6.6M  Fri/$6.6M Sat/ $4.5M Sun/$5M Mon/ 3-day: $17.7M (-11%)/4-day: $22.7M/Total: $69.2M/ Wk 2
Phantom Thread  (FOC), 4 theaters (0) / $71K  Fri /$82K Sat/ $67K Sun/ $80K Mon.3-day: $220K /PTA: $52,6K/4-day $300K/Total: $611K/Wk 1
1 with studios reporting final figures tomorrow: Below is the updated chart for Dec. 29-Jan.
Ferdinand  (FOX), 3,337 theaters (-293) / $4.5M Fri /$4.1M Sat/$3.05M Sun/ $3.45M Mon/3-day: $11.65M (+59%)/4-day: $15.1M/Total: $57.3M/ Wk 3
31, Disney's Star Wars: The Last Jedi will become the highest-grossing film of the year with an estimated $519.1M, unseating Disney's Beauty and the Beast, which rode the top spot for several months with $504M. Friday, midday update: By Sunday, which ends 2017 perfectly on Dec. Beauty and the Beast made its bread in 17 weekends, and Last Jedi will have made it to $500m in approximately 16 days. By the end of New Year's Day, Last Jedi will be at $536.6M.
Darkest Hour (FOC), 943 theaters (+137)/ $1.7M Fri /$1.9M Sat/$1.8M Sun/$1.9M Mon/3-day: $5.2M (+36%)/ 4-day: $7.6M/ Total: $20.2M/ Wk 6
Industry estimates as of midday:
Pitch Perfect 3  (UNI), 3,468 theaters (+21)/ $6.5M Fri/3-day: $18M/4-day: $23M/Total: $69.5M/ Wk 2
Audience word-of-mouth, especially among older women, is the big factor here, as critics have snubbed it. A number of them are seeing huge spikes in the high double digits over three-days, with a special shout-out to Fox/Chernin Entertainment's The Greatest Showman, which was sluggish out of the gate, but spiked 73% over three-days with $15.2M. Similar to last weekend, all audience titles continue to prove that they're the ones to be reckoned with. Universal's Pitch Perfect 3 is holding in there with an 11% dip over three days.
All The Money in the World (Sony) 2,074 theaters (+6)/ $1.77M Fri/$2.1M Sat/ $1.6M Sun/ $1.75M Mon/3-day: $5.45M/4-day: $7.2M/Total: $14.4M/Wk 1
Disney's three Star Wars movies have reportedly clocked as much global box office at $4.06 billion as what they paid for Lucasfilm back in 2012. Combined, Force Awakens and Rogue One have grossed an estimated $1.1 billion in profit after ancillaries, and Last Jedi should be around $500M after all is said and done. Of course, there's global P&A and ancillary costs for the pics on top of that Lucasfilm acquisition price. We'll have more box office updates for you later. However, the studio arguably hasn't made all of its investment money back yet from the acquisition, despite this recent trio of pics being profitable.
Hostiles  (ES), 5 theaters (+2) / $11K  Fri /$13K Sat/ $12K Sun/$12K Mon/ 3-day: $35,7K  (+56%)/PTA: $7,1K/4-day $47,7K/Total: $100K/Wk 2
Writethru Sunday AM following Saturday/Friday updates: Disney has called the four-day for Star Wars: The Last Jedi at $65.6M which would put the Rian Johnson pic in second place behind Sony's Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle at $67M. 1 will belong to Last Jedi for the third weekend in a row with $69M. Meanwhile, both Sony and industry projections agree that Jumanji will reach $67M. However, the industry believes at this point in time that No.
New Year's Day update: In updated figures this morning, Disney/Lucasfilm's Star Wars: The Last Jedi will own New Year's weekend with $68.3M over four days, despite Sony's Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle coming on strong with $66.5M. The sequel that Sony originally projected would make $45M over its first six days has reaped $185.75M through 13 days, with an eye on $200M this week; that's double what the 1995 original made stateside.
The Shape of Water  (FSL), 756 theaters (+26)  / $1.1m Fri /$1.3M Sat/$1M Sun/ $1.3M Mon/3-day: $3.53M (+18%)/4-day: $4.875M/Total: $17M/Wk 5
Hostiles  (ES), 5 theaters (+2) / $11K  Fri /$13K Sat/ $9.7K Sun/$13K Mon/ 3-day: $33,4K  (+46%)/PTA: $7,1K/4-day $46,4K/Total: $98,7K/Wk 2
Coco(DIS), 2,104 theaters (-7) / $2.8M Fri/$2.7M Sat/$964K  Sun/ $2.1M Mon/3-day: $6.5M (+22%)/4-day: $8.7M/Total: $181.1M / Wk 6
All The Money in the World (Sony) 2,074 theaters (+6)/ $1.77M Fri/$2.1M Sat/ $1.76M Sun/ $1.9M Mon/3-day: $5.6M/4-day: $7.5M/Total: $14.7M/Wk 1
Star Wars: The Last Jedi(DIS), 4,232 theaters (0)/ $19M  Fri/$19.9M Sat/ $13.65M Sun/ $15.7M Mon/ 3-day: $52.66M  (-26%)/4-day: $68.3M/Total:$533M/ Wk 3
The rough daily estimate for all titles in play on New Year's Day 2018 is $60M, which is -6% from 2017's first day of the year. All-in business will be +19% today over yesterday.
The Post  (FOX/DW), 9 theaters (0) / $171K  Fri /$202k Sat/$166K Sun/ $226K Mon/3-day: $539K (+4%)/PTA: $59,9K/4-day $765K/Total: $1.97M/Wk 2
Ferdinand  (FOX), 3,337 theaters (-293) / $4.5M Fri /$4.1M Sat/$2.79M Sun/ $3.2M Mon/3-day: $11.4M (+56%)/4-day: $14.6M/Total: $56.7M/ Wk 3
Molly's Game (STX) 271 theaters/$740K Fri/$880k Sat/ $730K Sun/ $800K Mon/3-day: $2.35m/4-day: $3.15M/Total: $6.05M/ Wk 1
The four-day stretch has also been a robust one for awards contenders, with A24's Lady Bird hitting $31.9M, Fox Searchlight's Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri earning $24.4M, and Focus Features' The Darkest Hour clearing $20M.
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle  (SONY), 3,765 theaters (0) / $16M Fri/3-day: $46M/4-day: $60M/Total:$179.2M/ Wk 2
The industry expects Episode VIII to reach $533.7M by the end of tomorrow. Yesterday, Disney/Lucasfilm's Star Wars: The Last Jedi beat Beauty and the Beast as the highest-grossing title of 2017 with $517.1M.
Coco(DIS), 2,104 theaters (-7) / $2.8M Fri/$2.7M Sat/$1.85M  Sun/ $2.2M Mon/3-day: $7.46M (+39%)/4-day: $9.68M/Total: $182M / Wk 6
The Greatest Showman  (FOX), 3,316 theaters (+310) / $5.3M Fri /$5.7M Sat/ $4.2M Sun/ $5.1M Mon/3-day: $15.2M (+73%)/4-day $20.3M/Total: $53.8M/Wk 2
While it's another hard weekend for analysts to project with New Year's Eve falling on Sunday, it's certainly bound to be another bountiful one, with The Greatest Showman expected to get to $51.5M by Monday after a slow start out of the gate, and Pitch Perfect 3 short of $70M. The last time Sony clicked past $1 billion was in 2014 ($1.2 billion), when they had Amazing Spider-Man 2, 22 Jump Street, and The Equalizer as their top $100M+ grossing titles. Meanwhile, most likely by next weekend, Sony's Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle will see $200M. There's plenty of happiness over at the Culver City, CA studio as they passed the $1 billion mark at the domestic B.O., up close to 10% from last year.
Darkest Hour (FOC), 943 theaters (+137)/ $1.7M Fri /$1.9M Sat/$1.8M Sun/$1.9M Mon/3-day: $5.2M (+36%)/ 4-day: $7.1M/ Total: $19.8M/ Wk 6
Critically acclaimed and award-worthy titles in limited release, DreamWorks/Fox/Participant's The Post and Focus Features' Phantom Thread, continue to post great screen averages, respectively $59,9K and $54,8K over three-days.
Star Wars: The Last Jedi(DIS), 4,232 theaters (0)/ $19M Fri/ 3-day: $54.5M /4-day: $72M Total:$536.6M/ Wk 3
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle  (SONY), 3,765 theaters (0) / $17.8M Fri/$19.5M Sat/$13.2M Sun/$16.5M Mon/3-day: $50.5M (+39%)/4-day: $67M/Industry total: $67.1M/ Total:$186.3M/Industry total: $186.4M/ Wk 2
Calculations show that the holiday period of Dec. The three-day New Year's weekend of $195M is +9.5% over the Christmas weekend which was slowed by Christmas Eve falling on Sunday. Yes, moviegoing is quite alive. The 3-day weekend is also +4.6% over the same period a year ago. 15-31 (ever since Star Wars: The Last Jedi opened) grossed $1.07 billion, +6% over the same period last year.
Father Figures (ALC/WB), 2,902 theaters (0)/ $1.2M Fri  /$1.5M Sat/ $1M Sun/$1.2M Mon/3-day: $3.8M (+16%)/ 4-day: $5.07M/ Total: $14.1M/ Wk 2
CinemaScore for Molly's Game is an A- with an 80% certified fresh Rotten Tomatoes score. The pic is expected to gross $6M in its first eight days by the end of New Year's Day. STX has Molly's Game in limited release at 271 theaters for the purpose of generating buzz before awards season kicks in. At that point, the film will have already outstripped Jessica Chastain's previous fare, including The Zookeeper's Wife ($4.7M at 541 venues in its first week), plus the entire domestic ticket sales of Miss Sloane ($3.5M) and A Most Violent Year ($5.7M). Chastain is nominated in the best actress drama category at the Golden Globes, and the pic's director Aaron Sorkin is nominated in the best screenplay category.
Father Figures (ALC/WB), 2,902 theaters (0)/ $1.2M Fri  /$1.5M Sat/ $975K Sun/$1.1M Mon/3-day: $3.7M (+13%)/ 4-day: $4.8M/ Total: $13.8M/ Wk 2
Phantom Thread  (FOC), 4 theaters (0) / $71K  Fri /$82K Sat/ $67K Sun/ $80K Mon.3-day: $220K /PTA: $52,6K/4-day $300K/Total: $611K/Wk 1
12. Wonder (LG), 1,193 theaters (+63) / $1.2M Fri /$1.1M Sat/ $825K Sun/$1M Mon/3-day: $3.25M (+63%)/4-day: $4.25M /Total: $122.5M/ Wk 7
The year is 2.3% down from last year's all-time record of $11.4 billion. All in, 2017 reps the third-best domestic year ever and the third time in a row that the U.S./Canada ticket sales have clicked past the lofty mark of $11 billion. Earlier this morning we broke down what went right and sideways for the majors in a Disney-led year. The final weekend of the year at $195M in total ticket sales is bringing 2017 to a close with $11.12 billion at the domestic box office according to ComScore.
Star Wars: The Last Jedi(DIS), 4,232 theaters (0)/ $19M  Fri/$19.9M Sat/ $13.4M Sun/ $13.1M Mon/ 3-day: $52.4M  (-26%)/4-day: $65.6M/Industry 4-day: $69M/Industry total:$533.7M/ Wk 3
Downsizing  (PAR), 2,664 theaters (-4)/ $1.6M Fri  /$1.8M Sat/ $1.2M Sun/ $1.4M Mon/3-day: $4.6M (-8%)/ 4-day: $6M/Total: $18.4M/ Wk 2

Christmas Weekend Swells: ‘Last Jedi’ $103M+, ‘Jumanji’ Huge At $70M+ & ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ At $26M – Update

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle  (SONY), 3,765 theaters / $10M-$11M Fri /3-day cume: $26M-$28M/4-day: $34M-$40M/Total: $53M-$55M/ Wk 1
The Alcon movie first was scheduled to open on November 4, 2016 (it was dated back in 2015, per ComScore). change like the wind, and that can significantly impact business. Father Figures (3-day cume: $3.28M/4-day: $4.9M), formerly Bastards, stars Ed Helms and Owen Wilson and was directed by The Hangover franchise DP Lawrence Sher. Then the comedy was rescheduled for January 27, 2017, and then finally this weekend. Sense of humor, audience tastes, etc. Given how timing is so important when it comes to comedy, it's never a good idea to see them delayed on the calendar.
Christmas AM writethru with updated chart: For the most part, it looks like a divide between the "Haves" and "Have-Nots" at the box office, with family and all-audience pics like Disney/Lucasfilm's Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Sony's Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Universal's Pitch Perfect 3 leading, and complex adult titles Downsizing and the raunchy Father Figures receding.
The Post  (FOX), 9 theaters / $158K Fri/3-day cume: $500k /PTA: $55,5K /4-day: $725k/ Wk 1
She only makes a cameo here, with Trish Sie taking over the directing reins. PostTrak reports females under-25 in attendance at 38%, followed by older females at 33%. However, she dropped off the threequel. While Universal advertised it as the final one, it will be interesting to see if the studio spins it off into future installments, especially if it pulls off a 4x multiple. One analyst believes the pic is front-loaded, which is typically the case with young-skewing female features of this nature, however, the film's prime demo is off from school from this point on for the next week and a half. Pitch Perfect 3 (3-day cume: $19.9M/4-day: $26M) was always going to play like a threequel. CinemaScore shows 77% females in attendance, with 59% under-25. In the shadow of Last Jedi, it's a franchise that's providing an option to younger females, who are the smallest quadrant of the Star Wars crowd. At 65% fresh, critics tolerated the 2015 sequel directed by Elizabeth Banks, and the studio made a lot of noise about her attachment as director. Still, the movie gets an A- CinemaScore, which is the same grade it reaped off its previous two chapters.
Where the studios will benefit is in the New Year: On January 2, there will be 69% K-12 out with another 50% on January 3, 40% on January 4 and 40% on January 5. That's when Universal/Illumination's Sing opened to $11M on Wednesday, leading to a five-day cume of $55.9M and six-day cume of $75.5M. Christmas Eve on Sunday doesn't help any of the films' three-day figures. Slowing down numbers this week is the fact there aren't as many kids out of school as a year ago, read 17% K-12 were off on Wednesday versus 38% last year. That's more than double the amount of elementary and high schools out on a daily basis than at the beginning of 2017.
Pitch Perfect 3 has a lower RT at 27% Rotten, but it will likely have zero effect on ticket sales given the franchise's femme fandom. Universal just reported $2.1M in Thursday night previews for Gold Circle's Pitch Perfect 3 at 2,600 locations that started at 7PM. Paramount's Downsizing made $425K in previews last night at 1,900 sites. The Alexander Payne-directed comedy carries a 53% Rotten Tomatoes score. Critics can't stand the R-rated comedy at 14%. Alcon/Warner Bros.' Father Figures also held previews last night.
Coco(DIS), 2,111 theaters (-1,044) / Fri: $2.9M / 3-day cume: $8.2M (-18%)/4-day: $10.5M/Total: $166.M / Wk 5
In CinemaScore audience reports, Jumanji drew 51% males to 49% females, with 54% over 25. Like the reboot, it also received an overall A- CinemaScore. The original 1995 movie starring Robin Williams drew 58% men, 55% under 25. Those under 25 at 46% gave the film a solid A.
But 2019 has Star Wars: Episode IX (December 20), 2020 has Avatar 2 (December 18), and 2021 has Avatar 3 (December 17). Star Wars: The Last Jedi ($71.7M 3-day, $103.1M 4-day) continues to pace behind 2015's Force Awakens (-30%) and significantly ahead of last year's Rogue One (+26%) with a $399.7M running total by Monday. Still, with Disney and Fox merging, rival studios will have to shrewdly counter-program a Star Wars movie or an Avatar sequel in the years to come. Some say no, and point to the robust openings for Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and Pitch Perfect 3. Typically, Christmas Day, today, counts a number of advance ticket sales for Star Wars movies, so this could conceivably go higher. Next December we get a break, so to speak, with Warner Bros./DC's Aquaman. Is the Star Wars pic soaking up all the air in the holiday box office? There are no huge event titles scheduled for 2022 and 2023 yet, but December Avatars will continue in 2024 and 2025. However, if we compare the four-day holiday's present projections to the same period a year ago, last year looked so much better, with seven titles grossing north of $11M. This year, there's only four titles that will gross double-digits or more. Some will attribute that annual erosion to Christmas Eve falling on a Sunday.
The Greatest Showman  (FOX), 3,006 theaters / $3.2M Fri /3-day cume: $8.3M/4-day: $10.7M-$11M/Total: $15M-$19M/Wk 1
Out of the gate, Sony sold the movie as adult as possible and made the promos more broader as they got closer to the release date in a multi-prong campaign. We detail here how Sony and producer Matt Tolmach finally pulled off a second Jumanji movie after the studio tried to make one for the past 22 years. But here's what's amazing about the success of Jumanji: No one was begging for a sequel to the 1995 title. Remakes are hard, and this one was so execution-dependent. And while we argue there's no such thing as stars opening movies any more, an ensemble of stars does (read Fox's Murder on the Orient Express). Most of the cast leveraged their social media accounts to promote the film to their millennial followers. Sony sold the movie on its body-swapping concept and stellar ensemble cast of Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Nick Jonas, and Karen Gillan.
5. Coco(DIS), 2,111 theaters (-1,044) / Fri: $2.4M / 3-day cume: $7.1M (-28%)/4-day: $9.8M/Total: $165.9M / Wk 5
Sony is benefiting from all those moviegoers who've already seen Jedi. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (3-day cume: $36.5M/4-day: $53.8M/6-day: $70.4M): Many box office analysts throughout the industry knew this sequel would succeed, with $60M-plus through six days, but nobody ever saw this adventure comedy hitting $70M-plus. A much different Christmas for Sony from a year ago when they struggled with the Jennifer Lawrence-Chris Pratt sci-fi romance Passengers which climbed its way to $100M after a lower than expected launch of $29.7M over six days. Like Sing a year ago, Jumanji is a solid piece of family counter-programming to a Star Wars movie.
Ferdinand  (FOX), 3,630 theaters (+9) / $3.2M Fri (-11%)/3-day cume: $8.6M (-%)/4-day: $11.4M/Total: $30.8M/ Wk 2
1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi  (DIS), 4,232 theaters / $24.7M Fri /$29.1M Sat/ $17.9M Sun/$31.4M Mon/3-day cume: $71.7M (-69%)/4-day: $103.1M/Total:$399.7M/ Wk 2
Darkest Hour (FOC), 806 theaters (+722)/ $1.4M Fri /3-day cume: $4.3M (+416%) /4-day: $6.1M/Total: $9M/ Wk 5 8.
Sneaks for Jumanji for Amazon Prime members grossed $2M on December 8, and that cash will be rolled into its total cume.
10. Father Figures (ALC/WB), 2,902 theaters / $1.3M Fri /3-day cume: $3.3M/4-day: $4.78M/ Wk 1
The Greatest Showman  (FOX), 3,006 theaters / $3.1M Fri /$3.5M Sat/$2.1M Sun/$5.2M Mon/ 3-day cume: $8.8M/4-day: $14M/Total: $18.9M/Wk 1 4.
The Post  (FOX), 9 theaters / $230K Fri/3-day cume: $715k /PTA: $79K /4-day: $1M/ Wk 1
Further tubthumping comes from castmembers Ruby Rose (18.9M SMU) and Hailee Seinfeld (9.5M SMU). In addition, since the beginning of the year, Uni has been dropping behind the scenes clips. When it comes to Pitch Perfect 3, RelishMix notes that heading into the weekend that, "long time Pitch Fans are all over this for this third, and allegedly final, chapter in the series. Some of the notable materials that went viral include a performance by the Bellas that was dropped on NBC's The Voice on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving which accumulated 4.7M views (see below). Convo is very positive, with Fans at a fever pitch to see the Bellas one last time – even if they’re sarcastically convinced this last film won’t hold up to the previous two." Led my Anna Kendrick's 20.5M fans across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the Pitch Perfect 3 cast has over 70M followers. Total social media universe across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the threequel numbers at 317M.
Pete Hammond called Greatest Showman a four-quadrant family musical. Then after sitting out of many awards-season races, the movie suddenly picked up three Golden Globe noms for best musical/comedy, best actor Jackman and best song ("This Is Me"). As a result, Fox skipped doing any type of presentation for the movie at TIFF like it did with Hidden Figures a year ago. One of the final promo pushes included a live commercial for the film during Fox's A Christmas Story Live (which was aimed at both families and Broadway lovers). Word is that execs didn't know if they were going to sell Greatest Showman as a family film or go after an older, Broadway audience.
Coco(DIS), 2,111 theaters (-1,044) / Fri: $1.85M /$2.2M Sat/$1.3M Sun/$2.2M Mon/ 3-day cume: $5.36M (-46%)/4-day: $7.6M/Total: $163.7M / Wk 5 6.
5. Ferdinand  (FOX), 3,630 theaters (+9) / $2.7M Fri /$3M Sat/$1.56M  Sun/$2.37M Mon/3-day cume: $7.3M (-46%)/4-day: $9.67M/Total: $29.1M/ Wk 2
Star Wars: The Last Jedi  (DIS), 4,232 theaters / $28.3M Fri (73%)/3-day cume: $83.6M (-62%)/4-day: $118M/Total:$414.4M/ Wk 2
1, "For a very busy time of year, we had a great weekend pulling in younger females. With excellent word of mouth, we're poised to do well as that demo breaks from school in the coming week and into the new year." Says Jim Orr, who becomes Universal's president of domestic distribution on Jan.
RelishMix says, "This duo is great at cutting music videos specific to Sony’s films – and subsequently, sharing their on-set, behind-the-scenes clips and good example of Sony’s social playbook, as Adexe & Nau obviously speak to an elusive tween audience." While Jumanji has earned an A- overall CinemaScore, those under 25 gave the Jake Kasdan directed movie an A.
Father Figures (ALC/WB), 2,902 theaters / $1.3M Fri /$1.1M Sat/ $730K Sun/$1.6M Mon/3-day cume: $3.28M/4-day: $4.9M/ Wk 1 9.

An assessment of the top grossers and openers:
When a Payne movie is great, it's platformed during awards season, and the fact that Paramount is going very wide with this at 2,668 theaters during the holiday season, shackled by a RT score of 52%, means it has to get whatever portion of its budget cost back as soon as possible. ($17.8M domestic final), the confusing and sleepy Suburbicon ($5.7M final) and this befuddling absurdist comedy from Alexander Payne. It's arguably the director's first critical and commercial dud at a reported estimated production cost of $68M. Downsizing (3-day: $4.96M/4-day: $7.2M) Paramount launched three ambitious movies during the September fall film festival circuit which also doubled as risky box office propositions: the audacious mother!
Exhibitors, are you happy yet? Fandango told us that 86% of all millennials plan to see two or more movies over the holidays, while 34% will pay to see four or more. Given the crazy multiples that this year-end period can generate for films — sometimes as high as 6x, 8x or 13x a movie's opening — CinemaScore does not offer any final domestic B.O. projections for pics opening at this time of year. It's too wild to predict. What we do know is that every day is like a Saturday for about a week after Christmas, with people seeing anywhere from two to four movies.
"They’re trying too hard," writes one fan, and many others have expressed that the film just doesn’t look good." Father Figures gets a B- CinemaScore with a 53% turnout by men, 75% over- 25. gets a distribution fee on this one. Social media monitor RelishMix saw awful word-of-mouth for the film heading into the weekend "leaning toward the negative, with fans mostly referencing the 'been there, seen this' feel of the plot. Production cost was an estimated $25M, financed by Alcon. Some moviegoers have likened Father Figures to a male version of Mamma Mia! Warner Bros. Many also have pointed out the fact that they’ve seen the trailer last year under the title Bastards, which many feel was a better title. Despite this time of year being a lucrative one, some question why an R-rated comedy such as this is in this corridor, given how family titles are mowing Father Figures down.
Sony's Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is coming in much higher than we originally saw with an estimated $7.55M while Disney's Star Wars: The Last Jedi continued to soak up most of the day's business with $17.9M and a running cume of $296.6M, 24% behind Force Awakens at the same point in its play period and 34% ahead of last year's Rogue One. UPDATED, Friday AM writethru after Thursday update: There were more K-12 schools out Thursday than Wednesday, (39% vs. now stands including previews at $16.6M. 24%) and they'll be even more out today  (61%) before all schools and colleges are off through New Year's Day. Jumanji's running B.O. Industry projections have it in the $50Ms through end of Monday.

 Industry projections remain bullish that the Jake Kasdan film will get into the $50M range by the end of Christmas Day. All studios have their eyes on Christmas Day, because it's from that point that movie attendance explodes. PREVIOUS, Thursday AM writethru after Wednesday PM update: Sony's Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle grossed $7.1 million in its Wednesday opening, taking second place behind Disney/Lucafilm's Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which is looking at $17M.
In addition, Sony has partnered again with Adexe & Nau, two singers/filmmakers who own 5.3M YouTube subscribers, on Jumanji. Back in the summer, the duo were also involved with Spider-Man Homecoming.
Pitch Perfect 3  (UNI), 3,447 theaters / $9.5M Fri /3-day cume: $23M-$25M/4-day: $31M-$35M/ Wk 1
Industry estimates as of midday Friday:
Wonder (Lionsgate), 1,130 theaters (-1917)/$805k Fri /3-day cume: $2.2M (-58%)/4-day: $3M/ Total: $115.9M/Wk 5 11.
A source close to production told Deadline that the filmmakers were trying to find it in the editing room. Those under-25 hated it with a D+ (20%), while females (51%) gave it a C. Downsizing gets a C CinemaScore. Payne has delivered relatable comedies before that resonate — read Sideways and The Descendants — but this offbeat title about the middle-age lives of people who prefer to shrink themselves is all over the map at 2 hours and 15 minutes. The one bright spot for the film during awards season has been Hong Chau, who has picked up best supporting actress nominations for the Globes, SAGs and Critics' Choice.
20th Century Fox's The Greatest Showman took in an estimated $2.1M yesterday, -12% from its opening day. Industry projections are still in the $20M through end of Christmas.
Fox was hoping for a $20M six-day start, but don't count this musical out yet, as the pic's older female audience will come out in droves tomorrow. Already the pic counts a 73% female audience on CinemaScore and glowing word-of-mouth polls that will give this film a slow burn: an A CinemaScore, 70% definite recommend from women, and 82% from older audiences. The Greatest Showman (3-day $8.8M/4-day: $14M/6-day: $18.9M): The film is looking better than it did at the start of the weekend.
10. The Shape of Water  (FSL), 726 theaters (+568) / $1.1m Fri /$1.1M Sat/$735k Sun/ 3-day cume: $3M (+78%) /4-day: $4.3M /Total: $8.9M/Wk 4
RelishMix reports on the social media wattage that's been power the word of mouth on Jumanji: The reboot has a social media universe of 568M which is double that of the average family pic. Online promo clips have been going viral at an insane rate of 66:1, beating the average of 40:1. Jumanji has some of the best social media stars in the world with Dwayne Johnson (167.3M), Kevin Hart (115M), and Nick Jonas (36.4M).
*********Estimates as of Saturday AM for the weekend of Dec. 22-25:*******
Hostiles (ENT), 3 theaters / $7K Fri/3-day cume: $19k /PTA: $6K /4-day: $27k/ Wk 1
In the case of Father Figures, we understand that it was delayed because the final scene was re-shot. It took time for the actors to return for the re-shoot, hence the pic's further delay. This was in an effort to make the conclusion funnier and congruent with the rest of the picture. Following the re-shoot, testing scores increased to the 90s in the top two boxes. Unfortunately, during that time span, audiences' attitudes toward R-rated raunchy comedies soured (which is too bad, because the red band trailer Alcon cut for Father Figures is hysterical (watch it below).
22-25: Studio and industry estimates as of Monday AM for the weekend of Dec.
Happy End (SPC), 3 theaters / $8K Fri/$8K Sat/ $7k Sun/$12K Mon/3-day cume: $23k /PTA: $7,9K /4-day: $35k/ Wk 1
9. The Shape of Water  (FSL), 726 theaters (+568) / $1.1m Fri /3-day cume: $3.5M (+106%) /4-day: $5M /Total: $9.5M/Wk 4

Ferdinand  (FOX), 3,630 theaters (+9) / $2.76M Fri (-23%)/3-day cume: $7M (-48%)/4-day: $9M/Total: $28.4M/ Wk 2 6.
If we come in at the high end of that range, that will beat 2015's $11.1 billion, good for the second best domestic year ever after 2016's all-time record of $11.4 billion.” /> ComScore is projecting a final year between $11.1 billion-$11.2 billion.
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle  (SONY), 3,765 theaters / $12.5M Fri /3-day cume: $32M/4-day: $44.3M/Total: $60.8M/ Wk 1 2.
Currently, Disney's Star Wars: The Last Jedi looks to be 23% higher than Rogue One over its four-day Christmas Day spread a year ago. New adult titles Downsizing and Father Figures are coming up short based on atrocious reviews. UPDATED, Friday midday: This year it is a tricky holiday to project at the North American box office, especially with Sunday being Christmas Eve, and business expected to nosedive beginning Saturday then spike considerably Christmas Day. Here's a look at how everything is doing now, but it looks like if you're a family film, you're in the top six.
Barnum musical. But as we journeyed deeper into awards season, Fox got cold feet, and we hear that's because it knew critics weren't going to warm to the pic (now at 50% Rotten). Heck, the songs here are from La La Land's Oscar-winning songwriting team of Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. At CinemaCon, the studio had us convinced this was a year-end holiday event title, touting its La La Land awards season chip from its exclusive footage and a dazzling live showstopper number from the film. But here's the lowdown: There were many mixed signals from Fox when it came to marketing this P.T.
Hostiles (ENT), 3 theaters / $7K Fri/$10K Sat/$6k Sun/$8K Mon/3-day cume: $23k /PTA: $7,6K /4-day: $31k/ Wk 1
Fandango reports that advance ticket sales for Jumanji are far outstripping Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart's previous movie Central Intelligence ($35.5M three-day opening) and that 68% of potential moviegoers are planning to see the adventure comedy with their family. CinemaScore audiences gave the Jumanji reboot an A- last night.
3. Pitch Perfect 3  (UNI), 3,447 theaters / $10.6M Fri  (includes $2.1M previews)/$6.7M Sat/ $2.6M Sun/ $6.1M Mon/3-day cume: $19.9M/4-day: $26M/ Wk 1
1. The theory by box office analysts if there's any clash between demos, it's with young females on Pitch Perfect 3 and Jumanji. Two years ago, the Elizabeth Banks' directed sequel of Pitch Perfect 2 drew $4.6M from Thursday night previews and surprised  at the box office earning $69.2M and overpowering Warner Bros.' event pic Mad Max: Fury Road for No. Many estimate that Pitch Perfect 3 can take in north of $20M by Christmas.
The Post  (FOX), 9 theaters / $158K Fri/$193K Sat/$175K Sun/$304K Mon/3-day cume: $526k /PTA: $58,4K /4-day: $830k/ Wk 1
Note, Christmas 2015 holds the industry record for all titles at the B.O. Last year, Christmas rang up $83.2M per ComScore, the fourth-best, fueled by Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Today also will see the arrival of Sony's All the Money in the World at 2,068 locations; Focus Features' The Phantom Thread in four NY/LA locations; and STX's Molly's Game in 250-plus theaters. with $103.3M, spurred by Star Wars: The Force Awakens, followed by 2009 ($86.8M), when Avatar was in play.
We'll have more updates for you later tonight. The Greatest Showman counts all the Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron fans, or 73% females. 'A' grades throughout all demos for this film with an overall A CinemaScore, except who gave it an A-. Fifty-three percent were 25 and up, with 22% over 50.
Beamed Josh Greenstein, Sony's worldwide marketing and distribution chief, "If you're looking for holiday cheer, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is the all-audience film for the holiday season."
2. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle  (SONY), 3,765 theaters / $12.46M Fri / $14.8M Sat/ $9.2M Sun/$17.3M Mon/3-day cume: $36.5M/4-day: $53.8M/Total: $70.4M/ Wk 1
The Greatest Showman  (FOX), 3,006 theaters / $3.1M Fri /3-day cume: $8.2M/4-day: $12.1M/Total: $16.7M/Wk 1 4.
Industry estimates believe that over the six-day Wednesday-through-Christmas run that The Last Jedi will mint $110M, which will take its running domestic total to $371.8M. A final domestic haul north of $700M is the current prediction. In addition, Last Jedi remains the top-ticket seller and carries a domestic gross to date of $278.8M, pacing 23% behind Force Awakens at the same point in time.
Still, you can see the damper at the weekend B.O. While not a record breaker, that will be in the healthy range of Christmas day grosses. All titles on Christmas Eve earned $41.4M in ticket sales, a 41% slide from Saturday with Christmas Day expected to jumpstart moviegoing today by 93% with $80M in ticket sales. due to Christmas Eve on a Sunday, with all titles grossing an estimated $175M over three days, according to ComScore, down close to four percent from a year ago.
By the end of the year, Welcome to the Jungle will beat the original gross of the 1995 movie ($100M) and come close to doubling it by the end of its domestic run."That's very economical for an event film. ComScore/Screen Engine's PostTrak audience polls show an 84% overall positive. did this film, they would have spent over $170M, easy," said one film finance suit regarding the pic's cost. Others tell me that just can't be true, especially for a VFX event title of this magnitude, and that the budget was around $110M net after Hawaii and Atlanta tax credits, which came in under $15M. Sony says it only spent $90M net before P&A on this movie. If any other studio like Warner Bros. Still, some in the industry give high praise to Sony for the Jumanji sequel at that budget, because at the end of the day, it's going to be huge.
Downsizing  (PAR), 2,668 theaters / $2.3M Fri /3-day cume: $5.75M/4-day: $8.2M/ Wk 1
Father Figures (ALC/WB), 2,902 theaters / $1.7M Fri /3-day cume: $4M/4-day: $5.9M/ Wk 1
Pitch Perfect 3  (UNI), 3,447 theaters / $10.6M Fri  (includes $2.1M previews)/3-day cume: $25.2M/4-day: $35.6M/ Wk 1 3.
Happy End (SPC), 3 theaters / $6K Fri/3-day cume: $16k /PTA: $5,4K /4-day: $23k/ Wk 1
1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi  (DIS), 4,232 theaters / $25M Fri (-76%)/3-day cume: $71.7M (-67%)/4-day: $102.5M/Total:$399.1M/ Wk 2
7.Downsizing  (PAR), 2,668 theaters / $2M Fri /$1.7M Sat/ $1.1M Sun/$2.3M Mon/3-day cume: $4.96M/4-day: $7.2M/ Wk 1
8. Darkest Hour (FOC), 806 theaters (+722)/ $1.4M Fri /$1.5M Sat/ $942K Sun/$1.7M Mon/3-day cume: $4M (+360%) /4-day: $5.7M/Total: $8.5M/ Wk 5
7.Downsizing  (PAR), 2,668 theaters / $2M Fri /3-day cume: $5.1M/4-day: $7.1/ Wk 1
Again, it's a marathon, not a sprint for these movies as distribution executives assess their fortunes by MLK weekend. Ninety-eight percent of potential attendees in a Fandango poll are Jackman fans, and 81% are looking forward to seeing another original musical this season. 20th Century Fox/Chernin Entertainment's The Greatest Showman filed third Wednesday with $2.4M, which will still get the period musical to the low-$20M range by the end of Christmas. While critics have been cruel at 48% Rotten, the original musical starring Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, Zac Efron and Zendaya proved to be a real crowd-pleaser with the CinemaScore audience, who gave it a solid A.

‘Coco’ Cooking $70M+; ‘Justice League’ At $59M+; ‘Wonder’ Wows At $32M+: Saturday AM Update

Other holders are as follows:
3.) Wonder (WB), 3,140  theaters (+44) /$6M Wed./$3.9M Thur/$8.75M Fri/3-day cume: $22.4M (-19%)/ 5-day: $32.3M/Total: $69.5M/Wk 2
Daddy’s Home 2 (PAR), 3,518 theaters (-57) / $2.7M Wed/ $2.67M/$4.9M Fri/ 3-day cume: $13M (-10%)/ 5-day: $18.2M/ Total: $72.2M/Wk 3
The Zack Snyder-directed movie is expected to take in a gross similar to Coco's with $60M over the next five days. Justice League overall has a 65% definite recommend. Warners is hoping that more of those older female Wonder Woman fans come out, just like they did for her June solo outing: Females over 25 are giving Justice League its best grades at 90%, but they're still in the minority among the pic's headcount repping only 18% of the audience. While critics have strangled Justice League with a 41% Rotten Tomatoes score, audiences are enjoying it with final PostTrak showing a 4-out-of-5-star response with males at 62% enjoying the movie with an 80% overall positive, and females at 38% giving it an 85% grade. Warner Bros/DC's Justice League led all films in regular release with a big Tuesday of $10.6M, up 41% over Monday, for a running cume of $111.9M. Leading the charge are males under 35 (32%, 78% positive), males over 25 (30%, 81% positive), and women under 25 (20% at 81% positive).
A comedic short Dante's Lunch – A Short Tail introduced the film's Xolo dog, Dante. Other trailers followed in September and November running across major pics and TV programs.
Lady Bird (A24), 741 theaters (+503) /$754K Wed/ 3-day cume: $3.88M (+52%)/ 5-day:$5.4M/  Total cume: $10.7M / Wk 4 10).
12.) The Man Who Invented Christmas (BST), 532 theaters / $198K Wed. /3-day cume: $975K /5-day: $1.4M/ Wk 1
9.) Roman J. (SONY),1,648 theaters (+1,644)/ $752K Wed. Israel, Esq. /$930K Thur/$1.8M Fri/ 3-day cume: $4.67M /PTA: $2,8K/5-day: $6.3M/Total: $6.4M/Wk 2
Focus Features' Darkest Hour from director Joe Wright is putting up a solid $43,2K currently over three-days. Sony Pictures Classics' Independent Spirit Award six-time nominee Call Me By Your Name is posting an estimated $111,5K per theater which will easily give it the best opening theater average of the year, beating Lady Bird's $91K four weeks ago.
(includes $2.3M previews) /$9M Thursday/ $18.66M Friday/ 3-day cume: $48.4M /5-day:$70.6M  Wk 1 1.) Coco (DIS), 3,987 theaters / $13.3M Wed.
/$665k Thur/$1.6M Fri/ 3-day cume: $4.4M (+291%) /PTA: $7,4K/ 5-day: $5.9M/Total: $7.65M /Wk 3 10.) Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, MO (FSL), 590 theaters (+537) / $786K Wed.
Coco rang up $9M on Thanksgiving, which again beats Good Dinosaur's Turkey Day ($6.5M), is $900K shy of Moana ($9.9M) and $2M behind Frozen's ($11M) Thanksgiving. The notion is that the latter two films had the Disney princess halo working in their favor at the box office.
2.) Justice League (WB), 4,051 theaters / $10.45M Wed/$8.5M Thursday/$16.4M Fri/  3-day cume: $40.8M  (-56%)/5-day:$59.9M/Total: $171.8M/ Wk 2
Lady Bird (A24), 741 theaters (+503) /$754K Wed/ $576K Thur/ $1.5M Fri/3-day cume: $4M (+60%)/ PTA: $5,1K/5-day:$5.3M/  Total cume: $10.6M / Wk 4 11).
6.) Murder on the Orient Express (FOX), 3,214 theaters (-140)/ $2.55M Wed/ 3-day cume: $13.7M (-1%)/5-day: $18.9M/Total: $74.5M/ Wk 3
That said, when it comes to launching a new line of animated characters, Disney has all the social media and vertical integration power in its TV channels and parks to raise a fresh face among its faithful.
Lionsgate/Participant/Walden Media's Wonder made $6M yesterday and is on course to do better than its opening in weekend two with an estimated $29M (+5%) and a five-day of $40.9M.
Disney/Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok is looking at a $4M Wednesday, a three-day of $17.8M and five-day of $25M — still money out of Justice League's pocket. Running cume by Sunday looks to be $278.2M.
7.)The Star (SONY), 2,837 theaters / $1.64M Wed. /$1M Thur/$2.77M Fri / 3-day cume: $7.1M (-27%)/ 5-day:$9.8M /Total:$22.3M/Wk 2
5./6) Murder on the Orient Express (FOX), 3,214 theaters (-140)/ $2.55M Wed/$3M Thur/$5.2M Fri/ 3-day cume: $13.2M (-4%)/5-day: $18.8M/Total: $74.3M/ Wk 3
Every demo gave Coco an A+ except for the over 50 crowd (10%) who gave it an A. PostTrak showed a rare, strong five-out-of-five stars for Coco which is on par with CinemaScore's A+. A third of those who took in Coco attended with an adult family member, while 21% of all ticket buyers took a child family member. Definite recommend is at a very high 76%. 19% for Moana a year ago), and that demographic should remain strong through Sunday, making for better prospects. Caucasians repped 42% for Coco to Moana's 49%. Per PostTrak, Females under 25 were the predominant demo (30%),  followed by females over 25 (29%), men over 25 (25%) and men under 25 (16%). Typically, Pixar movies going back to Frozen dip on the Saturday following Black Friday by 2%-6%, however, ComScore/Screen Engine's PostTrak shows a very strong Hispanic turnout at 39% for Coco (vs. CinemaScore's opening night audience was made up of 60% females,  40% under 18. This was a similar make-up to Moana a year ago, however, there were slightly more Dads (men over 25) than Moms (women over 25).
 On the final night of ABC's Dancing With the Stars on Oct. 16 aka "Disney night", the show featured a performance by Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev singing the pic's signature song “Remember Me” penned by Frozen Oscar-winning songwriters Robert and Kristen Anderson Lopez. RelishMix is also impressed with Disney's launch of the Coco soundtrack which through various songs clips counts north of 20M views on YouTube. Disney introduced the pic's main protagonist Miguel on NBC's The Voice.
Currently, the Lee Unkrich-Adrian Molina film should hit $70M-plus in five days, and $47M over three days. Thanksgiving AM Update: Moviegoers love Coco: The Disney film earned an A+ CinemaScore last night, Pixar's 6th ever, and the best since Up. But given how wild Black Friday is at the box office, and the current buzz for the film, Coco could conceivably go much higher. On top of that, Coco came in much higher on its first day with an estimated $13.3M; which is behind Thanksgiving openers Moana ($15.5M) and Frozen ($15.1M) and ahead of Good Dinosaur ($9.76m) and Tangled ($11.9M).
On a three-day basis, Wonder is expected to ease 4% right now. The Stephen Chbosky-directed film will easily be Lionsgate's best of 2017, topping John Wick: Chapter Two's $92M. Wow. Lionsgate's Wonder is looking at $6M today, up 7% from Tuesday, with a current three-day outlook of $26.5M and five-day of $37.5M, heading toward $74.6M.
/ 3-day cume: $4.29M (+246%) / 5-day: $5.75M/Total: $7.5M /Wk 3 9.) Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, MO (FSL), 590 theaters (+537) / $786K Wed.
Ranked by 5-day
1.) Coco (DIS), 3,987 theaters / $13.3M Fri. (includes $2.3M previews) / 3-day cume: $47M /5-day:$70M  Wk 1
Industry estimates as of Thanksgiving morning for the Thanksgiving stretch of Nov. 22-26:
Many expect the Julia Roberts-Owen Wilson movie to be north of $64M by Sunday in its running domestic total. Lionsgate's Wonder chalked up an estimated $5.6M yesterday, up 43% over Monday, for a five-day total of $37.1M.
4). Thor: Ragnarok (DIS), 3,281 theaters (-779) / $4M Wed./$3.5M Thur/ $6.6M Fri/ 3-day cume: $16.8M (-22%) / 5-day: $24.2M/Total cume: $277.5M / Wk 4
Call Me By Your Name  (SPC), 4 theaters / $161K Fri/3-day cume: $446k /PTA: $111,5k/ 5-day: $239k/ Wk 1
Superman (-69%) and August champ Suicide Squad (-67%). The Pixar movie steps on the capes of Warner Bros/DC super friends movie Justice League which earned $10.45M yesterday, -1% from Tuesday for a running total of $122.3M. Pic's 5-day is at $63.6M with three day landing at $44.1M, -53%, which again, thanks to the holiday, bests the post-Easter drop of Batman v.
and Canada. Coco opens at a sensitive time for Disney. Still, that Hollywood insider scandal isn't expected to rock Coco's prospects in the rest of the U.S. Just yesterday, Pixar boss John Lasseter said he was taking a six-month sabbatical amid allegations of inappropriate behavior.
Pic is running 10% ahead of Warner's Thanksgiving hit a year ago Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them which churned a 3x multiple from its opening for a final cume of $234M. Fans wouldn't accuse Thor of stealing: He's just the better superhero movie. If Justice League can keep up that pace throughout December, it will end its stateside run at $257M. Still, Disney/Marvel's Thor: Ragnarok is still stealing away dollars from Justice League's bank account with the Son of Asgard threequel grossing $24M over five-days. This puts the pic at a $40.8M second FSS (-57%) and $59.9M 5-day for a running total that's just under $172M. Warner Bros./DC's Justice League wasn't that far behind Coco on Thanksgiving, making $8.5M, however, their gap widened on Friday with the Zack Snyder-directed title earning $16.4M.
While many have dinged Justice League for being less-than as a superhero movie, especially in its ensemble execution, the fact is that it's brought more dollars to the Thanksgiving frame than Warner Bros' Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them a year ago: Last weekend the box office was at $200.3M, +27% higher than a year ago. This makes exhibitors happy.
11.) Roman J. Israel, Esq. / 3-day cume: $3.7M /5-day: $5.2M/Total: $5.2M/Wk 2 (SONY),1,648 theaters (+1,644)/ $752K Wed.
Today there are 74% kids off from K-12 and another 59% of colleges. That number moves up to 100% over the next two days. and Black Friday is even bigger. The night before Thanksgiving is a notable one at the B.O.
Some of this boils down to whether WB can keep close to 2K theaters like they did last year with a Star Wars on the marquee. It will be interesting to see if Justice League does the same. In addition, another note about Fantastic Beasts: Even though that movie leaned more female at 55% in weekend one, it churned a 3X multiple at the box office ending its run at $234M. By Sunday, the super friends will be pacing 12% ahead of Fantastic Beasts through 10 days with $175.4M.
Israel, Esq (Sony), 1,648 runs. Total by Sunday of $5.8M. Looks like $800K today (including $175K from Tuesday night) for 3-day of $4.1M and 5-day of $5.7M. Roman J.
Though not a marketing stunt – let's call it free publicity – Conan O'Brien had a bone to pick with Disney over the film's title soon after the first trailer dropped: The studio was using the late night host's nickname (coined originally by Tom Hanks) without his permission. The clip generated 812K views:
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri  (FSL), 590 runs. $800,000 Wed, 3-day of $4.5M, 5-day of $6.2M. Total by Sunday of $7.96M.
Daddy’s Home 2 (Par) $2.5M Wed, 3-day $13.5M and 5-day of $18M, running come by Sunday of $72M.
is coming in higher than other notable arthouse titles on the chart such as Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and Lady Bird, the latter two movies are packing their house and putting up better theater averages with $7,4K and $5,1K to Roman's $2,8K. With $6M-plus over five days, Sony's Roman J. Over four days, Fences made $11.6M at 2,233 theaters. Even though Roman J. Spike Lee's Mo' Better Blues ($4.4M) and Ricochet ($4.8M). The movie is slowed greatly by a 55% Rotten Tomatoes score, and the fact that it doesn't have the brilliant word of mouth that Denzel Washington's Fences did a year ago. On a three-day basis, Roman is down there with the Washington's 1990 openings, i.e. That movie served as solid counter-programming in a Star Wars-controlled market and won an Oscar for Viola Davis' best supporting turn. is coming in at the low end of where rivals were pegging it at $6M over five-days. Israel, Esq. The movie premiered at TIFF but then went in for an edit afterwards. Israel, Esq.
8). A Bad Moms Christmas (STX), 2,948 theaters (-639) /$1.07M Wed/$940K Thur/ $1.8M Fri/3-day cume: $4.5M (-36%) / 5-day: $6.4M/Total cume: $59.3M / Wk 4
/3-day cume: $7.35M (-25%)/ 5-day:$10.1M /Total:$22.6M/Wk 2 7.)The Star (SONY), 2,837 theaters / $1.64M Wed.
2.) Justice League (WB), 4,051 theaters / $10.45M Wed  3-day cume: $44.1M  (-53%)/5-day:$63.6M/Total: $175.4M/ Wk 2
As we move along this week, it should settle down and separate the two. UPDATE, midday Friday: Disney/Pixar's Coco is looking at an opening day of $12.5 million (including last night's $2.3M) as of this point per industry estimates, which is $3M less than what Moana chalked up a year ago. Right now, because it's so early, both Coco and Warner Bros' Justice League are in a battle for No. 1 overall at the domestic box office with an estimated $47M three-day and $68M five-day each.
4). Thor: Ragnarok (DIS), 3,281 theaters (-779) / $4M Wed./ 3-day cume: $18M (-17%) / 5-day: $25.5M/Total cume: $278.8M / Wk 4
While we've been complaining about the film's lackluster performance in regards to the DC franchise, exhibitors could care less about that: They're rolling in concession cash, and the marketplace in the past three weeks has been a boom versus last summer's doldrums. Coco will beat Justice League today with the latter Zack Snyder movie making an estimated $10.5M, down 1% versus yesterday. If its projections hold, the DC superhero team-up will touch just under $180M.
$600K Wed, 3-day $3.4M and 5-day of $4.6M, Total by Sunday of $9.9M. Lady Bird (A24), 741 runs.
/$33K Thur/ $61K Fri/3-day cume: $173k /PTA: $43,2k/ 5-day: $240k/ Wk 1 Darkest Hour (FOC), 4 theaters / $38K Wed.
expands from four to 1,648 today. Sony's Roman J. Bleecker Street has the period piece The Man Who Invented Christmas in 500 houses, while Focus Features will open its Gary Oldman-as-Winston Churchill biopic Darkest Hour in four New York and Los Angeles theaters. Ditto on that count for Sony Pictures Classics' Spirit Award-nom leading pic Call Me By Your Name.” /> Israel, Esq.
A Bad Moms Christmas (STX), 2,948 theaters (-639) /$1.07M Wed/3-day cume: $5.4M (-23%) / 5-day: $7.5M/Total cume: $60.5M / Wk 4 8).
Other online promos included Coco as a Facebook Beta partner on an Augmented Reality mask for the FB app. In addition, there was a Pixar Artists College Tour at 60 colleges in 20-plus markets, as well as WOM screenings in 45 markets. Pixar saw its first VR experience with Coco VR which is available on Oculus Rift and Gear VR.
22-26 as of Friday night: — chart still updating as of Saturday AM Chart based on industry estimates for the Thanksgiving stretch of Nov.
/$256K Thur/ $450K Fri/3-day cume: $1.2M /5-day: $1.66M/ Wk 1 12.) The Man Who Invented Christmas (BST), 532 theaters / $198K Wed.
Murder on the Orient Express (Fox) $2.6M Wed, 3-day $13.5M and 5-day $19M, running cume by Sunday of $74.6M.
That pic racked up $15.5M on its first day. Coco is also ahead of Disney's uber hit Frozen, which made $1.2M on its first Tuesday ($15.1M Wednesday) during Thanksgiving week. Coco is also far ahead of The Good Dinosaur, considered a bomb for Pixar with $1.3M previews ($9.76M Wednesday). Coco's preview is just $300,ooo shy of Moana's $2.6M Tuesday preview a year ago.
5.) Daddy’s Home 2 (PAR), 3,518 theaters (-57) / $2.7M Wed/ 3-day cume: $14.3M (-1%)/ 5-day: $19.2M/ Total: $73.2M/Wk 3
3.) Wonder (WB), 3,140  theaters (+44) /$6M Wed. 3-day cume: $29M / 5-day: $40.9M/Total: $78M/Wk 2
RelishMix weighs Coco's social media universe across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube views at close to 483M, which is "well ahead of the family animated genre average SMU of 253.4M". RelishMix points out "part of the magic of The Mouse is when a film like Coco or next month’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi debuts a trailer or any other social materials: A film has 156.8M fans and followers to reach right out of the gate." Roughly broken down such Disney pages/feeds pushing Coco include the main Disney portal (69.3M), Walt Disney Animation Studios (17.7M) and Walt Disney Studios (42.4M). The teaser trailer for Coco debuted in March and played on the biggest film of the year, Beauty and the Beast, with the first full trailer dropping in June in connection with Cars 3.
Coco carries a reported production cost in the Pixar range which is typically between $175M-$200M before P&A, however, those in the animation world believe it's much higher north of $225M. Moana grossed $56.6M in its first three days and $82M over five, making it the second-best Thanksgiving stretch debut after Frozen's $93.6M. Coco in its Dia de los muertos story doesn't have the Disney princess factor Moana possessed, which pushed down on Coco's projections prior to opening. But the film has a 95% certified fresh Rotten Tomatoes score, which could push its tickets sales higher; it's just one point below Moana's RT rating.
Industry estimates now see Disney/Pixar's Coco at $18.66M for Friday, on a path to a $48.4M 3-day and a $7o.6M 5-day. One analyst is pointing to Disney's Tangled as a numerical comp which earned $48.8M over three and $68.7M over five. Saturday AM Writethru following Black Friday update: While Friday was definitely a great day at the box office with the top 25 films making approximately $72M to last year's $71M Black Friday, everything still came in a little lighter. Black Friday was +105% over Thanksgiving's $35.1M this year. Exhibition stocks in response to the multiplex foot traffic were up on Friday in short trading. That's still ahead of Pixar's Good Dinosaur ($15.5M Fri, $39.1M FSS, $55.4M 5-day) two years ago (and that bombed), and a few steps behind last year's Moana and mega hit Frozen which respectively posted $82M and $93.6M over their Thanksgiving 5-day stretches.
PREVIOUSLY, 8:26 AM: Disney/Pixar's Coco began its Thanksgiving march on the box office last night with $2.3 million, with an eye on making $60M or more over the next five days.

Tears flowed at a recent AMPAS screening. Lionsgate's Wonder in third place made $8.75M on Friday which now puts the Stephen Chbosky-directed title at $22.4M over FSS, -19%, and $32.3M over five with a 10-day run of $69.5M. Pete Hammond reports that Lionsgate will give Wonder an awards season push even though the distributor's original intention was to make the movie a commercial success over the holiday.
Ad partners included Airbnb, Ancestry, Chatbooks, Guitar Center, The HERDEZ Brand, Purple, Southwest Airlines (including Boeing 737-700 wrap), Subway, and Sun Rype.
In addition, California Adventure, Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Line all featured an 11-minute sneak peek of the film this month. Disney’s California Adventure introduced "Plaza de la Familia" in September, a section of the park that celebrated Coco.
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