Sean Paul’s Two Decade Old Song Features On Stone Cold Album

“The Sean Paul song is back in rotation and is one of the leading songs getting airplay from the project. The sound that Sean Paul had back then is what is becoming popular again,” Stone Cold said. Gong” Marley, Stephen Marley, Safaree, Sean Kingston, Chronixx, Sizzla, Vybz Kartel, Wyclef Jean and more. He produced the single “Regular Thing” for Sean Paul in 2001 and while the track didn’t became a massive hit like other songs from SP during the ER. 2 on the Billboard reggae chart. Mark ‘Stone Cold’ Hudson revived a near two decades old Sean Paul song for his compilation album Tropical House Cruises to Jamaica. “The beat was created by Jam2 and we recorded the song at Black Scorpio studio. Seventeen years later the song gets picked up for a new album and started to do very well among reggae/dancehall fans. Stone Cold released the project recently and debut at No. As a label we always try to work with young artistes and explore new sounds.”
The compilation album comes with 15 tracks with guest features from the likes of Ed Sheeran, Damian “Jr.

Vybz Kartel Celebrates 42nd Birthday In Good Spirit & Marks Milestone

However, his big success didn’t come until the early 2000s when Bounty Killer took him under his wings and lifted him up from an underground act to the mainstream of dancehall. #morelife,” Popcaan wrote while Sean Kingston added, “Happy birthday to the greatest in dancehall music period… @vybzkartel 1 more year Pon dem!!! “25 years in dancehall and still active and more relevant than 99% of the artists is something to be thankful for and something to celebrate,” his rep added. #vybzkartel #seankingston #Gaza
A post shared by Sean Kingston (@seankingston) on Jan 7, 2018 at 10:23am PST

More life and prosperity, blessing pan yu birthday #nevaungrateful #notnicerecords? “The Worl’Boss is in great spirit and despite his incarceration, there are a lot of things to be thankful for,” his rep said. A post shared by 876GUD (@popcaanmusic) on Jan 7, 2018 at 11:18am PST

Vybz Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer, is serving a life sentence for murder. #vybzkartel #seankingston #Gaza.”
1time fi a real G long live.. We’re told that this year will mark 25 years since Vybz Kartel been in the music business and despite being incarcerated since 2011, he is showing no signs of slowing down. He is eligible for parole after serving 35 years of his sentence. “1time fi a real G long live.. Bounty Killer, along with several other affiliated dancehall entertainers including Sean Kingston, Popcaan and NotNice have since wished Vybz Kartel a happy birthday on social media. @vybzkartel
A post shared by Notnice Records (@notnicerecords) on Jan 6, 2018 at 9:59pm PST

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Wyclef Jean Explains Why He Likes Vybz Kartel So Much, Talks Reggae Influence Globally Gwan hold di faith mi don freedom is a must!!! Vybz Kartel is celebrating his 42nd birthday today (January 7th) in good spirit. His appeal trial is set for July of this year. The group was later disbanded and he took on the name Vybz Kartel by just changing up the spelling. Happy birthday to the greatest in dancehall music period… @vybzkartel 1 more year Pon dem!!! The incarcerated dancehall legend received a family visit from his kids who were brought to GP on Sunday afternoon. Gwan hold di faith mi don freedom is a must!!! Vybz Kartel started his dancehall career in the early 90s as part of the group Vibes Cartel. #morelife ?? A rep for his label told us that he is in good spirit as he marks another milestone in his life and career.

Tommy Lee Sparta Kick Off New Year With “Happy Life” Video

The reggae pop singer has been working on his “Made In Jamaica” album since last year since he moved back to his homeland. Kingston confirmed last month that both he and Lee are dropping their respective project at the top of the new year. The cut then showcase his routine throughout the day as his ladies cater to his every need from his breakfast to his needs after a hard days work in the studio. Related Posts

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Tommy Lee Sparta Praised Vybz Kartel While Ripping Alkaline At Ghetto Splash

Mr. The Ricardo Gowe Records-produced single was released in the summer of last year from where it grew to become an anthem. Tommy Lee Sparta kicking off the new year with the premiere of his “Happy Life” video. The project will be the first on his new deal with Sean Kingston’s label Time is Money Entertainment. The song is featured on Tommy Lee’s compilation album “New Creature.” In the cut, the Mobay deejay wakes up in the morning surrounded by a bunch of smoking hot ladies. Tommy Lee Sparta is currently working on his debut album due early this year. The project is due for release next month. Vegas Reacts To Tommy Lee Sparta Statement On Mobay Flooding

Tommy Lee Sparta Found The “Antidote” : Listen New Song

Listen Tommy Lee Sparta & Masicka New Song “Real Link”

Masicka comes through with a killer verse while showcasing his lyrical prowess. Both Tommy Lee Sparta and Masicka had a big year last year with both deejays dropping songs that dominate dancehall airwaves throughout the year. “From them diss one a we them diss all, Crux ready fi go defend it no care how it small, Some a we a smoke some a we a play ball, No a we no joke from yo diss the rain fall,” the Genahsyde leader spits. Listen the new single “Real Link” below. “big up my friends them, me love them jah, protect them jah,” Sparta sings over a dancehall beat. Tommy Lee Sparta and Masicka representing for their real friends in “Real Link.”
The two dancehall heavy hitters link up for their first collaboration released last weekend. The track was produced by Damage Musiq, who has produced a number of tracks for Tommy Lee last year including some of his biggest hits. Related Posts

Masicka – Kill Quick [New Music]

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Masicka – Stop Talk To Me [New Music]

Masicka Surrounds Himself With The Ladies and “Roll Clean” [Watch] The Mobay deejay has already hinted at his plans to push his career even further in 2018 with the release of his debut album through Sean Kingston‘s label Time Is Money Entertainment.

Vybz Kartel Fans Roast Sean Kingston Even After Prison Visit

“2nd day back in Just went to pay the Wurlboss @vybzkartel another visit di teacher is in good faith with a lot of great plans for #2018 Big up di link @sikka_rymes for the invitation,” the reggae-pop singer wrote. Sean Kingston paid a visit to the Worl’Boss at GP last week and came back saying that the dancehall icon is in good spirit and has big plans for this year. Vybz Kartel fans are savage for this. Sean Kingston posted a photo of himself and two of Vybz Kartel’s friends, Sikka Rymes and Theo Prince, standing outside the prison on the day he visited the deejay. “Why would the boss meet with this man dressing like that is not a good look,” the fan said. Related Posts

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Tommy Lee Sparta Dropping New Album Says Sean Kingston

Sean Kingston Feeds Homeless In Kingston For Thanksgiving

Watch Sean Kingston & Tommy Lee Sparta “Cross Over” “Free up the World Boss and tell Sean Kingston fi free up him pants,” one fan wrote, while another added, “His bottom half fava when miss kitty stand up and pose.”

One fan even suggested that Vybz Kartel should refuse to meet with him dressing like he was. You would think that is some great news for the Gazanation fans but turns out that Kingston got trolled instead of a pat on the back all because his pant was a bit too tight for some folks. Some of Vybz Kartel fans went in about his outfit among other things that I think went a bit too far.

Sean Kingston Feeds Homeless In Kingston For Thanksgiving

I do it every year because Mama Kingston loves to give back.”
Sean Kingston is currently touring the US and Canada for his Made in Jamaica tour which supports his latest mixtape Made In Jamaica, released earlier this year. Mama Kingston said she has been doing this for the past decade in Florida and California. “We brought 500 plates and they ran out, and I had to get more,” she said. Last year I did it with Soulja Boy and Tyga. Sean Kingston says that he will be spending the holiday at his newly purchased home in Jamaica with his family. Sean Kingston is now living in Jamaica but he is still celebrating some American holidays and for Thanksgiving last week Thursday, the “Beautiful Girl” singer and his mother took to the streets of Kingston to dish out some hot meals to the homeless in Jamaica’s capital. “We did Florida for four years, California for six years and now, for the first time, Jamaica,” Janice said. Sean Kingston is getting a lot of praise for feeding homeless people in Kingston on Thanksgiving day. “Knowing that Jamaica doesn’t really celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s something new,” Kingston said. The singer’s mother Janice ‘Mama Kingston’ Turner said she spent all day cooking up some classic Jamaican dishes like curry chicken, oxtail, jerk chicken and more. “I always give back in the States, and I feel like bringing it back to my home, my culture, my country is something dope.

Is Tommy Lee Sparta Making Mumble Dancehall Music

So for those who don’t understand what Tommy Lee is saying here is a snippet of his lyrics. “Too me Tommy’s verse sounds more like a new style in mumbling so maybe he might be bigger than lil pump, xxxtenation, ski mask.” “Any American saying they dont understand Tommy Lee verse gotta embrace it cuz u know y i don’t understand sh*t you’ll mumble rappers be saying yet still I’m from the Caribbean an i embrace you’ll sh*t so dont get it twisted,” one dancehall fan wrote. Tweet
Tommy Lee Sparta is being accused of making mumble dancehall music? “Clean in a new bank robber / Time is money watch the gal them a fallow / Full of gold chains like a me name Shaba / Every body know me a the lyrical bomber / Scarface, Toni Montana, mi jus spend a million dollar / Weed me smoke me don’t run coke joke / Last boy this run up inna gun smoke,” Sparta spits. “WTF when since dancehall artist start with this mumble rap foolishness, this guy [Tommy Lee Sparta] isn’t even saying real words, this is trash,” one fan wrote while another added, “This guy is just making a bunch of sounds he is not even rapping they should keep this mumble foolishness out of reggae at least cats like Sean Paul and Beenie Man use real words even if its patois.”
One thing we should point out about this is that most of the critics were American based fans who are probably used to Sean Kingston reggae-pop flavor of music and not hardcore dancehall. While mumble rap became a thing in hip hop in recent years, mumble dancehall is not a thing, at least not yet. Some fans are accusing Tommy Lee Sparta of making mumble music, but unless you’re a hardcore dancehall follower you may not always understand what he is saying in his songs. Sean Kingston and Tommy Lee debut their new video for their first collaboration “Cross Over” on WorldStarHipHop yesterday and fans have been weighing in.

Sean Kingston “I Can’t Write For Chris Brown & Justin Bieber and Be Broke”

He will also include a Jamaican version of the headphone line which he said will have more bass in the speakers. Sean Kingston also recently launched his own line of headphones called Monster Box. this fall that will give fans a deeper look into his life. Despite posting photos of his mansion and luxury cars in Jamaica, Sean Kingston has been getting criticism on social media for living lavishly while still not paying his debts. “Yo can write songs for Chris Brown and Justin Bieber and them man there and broke, a what happen to some man, stop believe everything yo hear,” the singer said. The reggae pop star has been under scrutiny in recent weeks over his finances after a judge issued a warrant for his arrest for failing to pay a Miami jeweler thousands of dollars. He will be working with the same company that make Beats By Dre and will be giving a twelve percent stake in the new venture. In a video clip posted recently, Kingston said he is far from being broke. Kingston also revealed that he will be launching a reality show on E! Sean Kingston says that he can’t be writing songs for Chris Brown and Justin Bieber and be broke.