Mimran Schur Takes Co-Fi Stakes In Sony’s ‘Holmes & Watson’ And ‘Bloodshot’

“We are grateful for the opportunity to work alongside one another as we pursue our company mandate of promising film endeavors that are a cut above.” “We are excited to partner on these impactful projects with Sony Pictures, and look forward to doing more films with the studio,” said Mimran Schur CEO/Co-Chairman Jordan Schur, and Co-Chairman David Mimran.
Mimran Schur has come aboard to co-finance Holmes & Watson, the Etan Cohen-directed comedy that stars Will Ferrell and John C. EXCLUSIVE: In a strong eight-figure commitment, Mimran Schur Pictures has taken a minority co-financing stake on two upcoming Sony Pictures Entertainment films. The other film is Bloodshot, the Valiant Comics adaptation that stars Vin Diesel in his first live action superhero turn, directed by Blur Studios’ Dave Wilson for February 21, 2020 release. Reilly and opens December 25.
Said Columbia Pictures president Sanford Panitch: “We are looking forward to working with Jordan and David on these two projects, and to future collaboration.”
The production company just wrapped Vincent D’Onofrio’s directorial debut The Kid, an action thriller that stars Ethan Hawke, Chris Pratt, Dane Dehaan, and Jake Schur is his debut role. Past credits include the Gavin O’Connor-directed Tom Hardy-Joel Edgerton-starrer Warrior, the Robert De Niro/Edward Norton-starrer Stone and the Keanu Reeves-starrer Henry’s Crime.” /> Mimran Schur is the partnership between David Mimran and Jordan Schur, latter of whom is the former longtime Geffen Records president who oversaw its lucrative merger with MCA.
Cohen wrote the film and it’s produced by Ferrell, Adam McKay, Jimmy Miller, and Clayton Townsend. Bloodshot is produced by Neal H. Holmes & Watson reunites the Step Brothers tandem of Ferrell and Reilly, playing the world’s greatest detective and his loyal biographer. Moritz.
Mimran Schur will be looking to make this the start of an ongoing co-fi relationship with Sony. The investment was confirmed to Deadline.

Golden State Warriors Star Stephen Curry In Vehicle Accident, But Not Injured

MVP Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors crashed his Porsche today while driving in Oakland. Two-time National Basketball Assn. The star guard was unhurt, but his car sustained damage.
WME brokered the deal.” /> Unanimous was co-founded by Curry, CEO Jeron Smith, and chief creative officer and Erick Peyton.
Based on the Sony Pictures studio lot in Culver City, Curry’s production company Unanimous Media focused on film and TV projects regarding family, faith and sports themes. Sony Pictures Entertainment and Curry have a multi-year development and production deal covering film and TV. The deal extends to opportunities in partnerships, electronics, gaming, and virtual reality. The pact is Sony's biggest-ever media deal with an athlete.
Curry, who is currently out with a groin injury but leading the NBA in scoring, was on his way to the team practice when the crash happened on Highway 24 before 9 AM. Police blamed weather for the incident. California Highway Patrol said Curry's vehicle was hit twice, once by a car that spun out and then by a vehicle that rear-ended his Porsche, causing damage.

Les Moonves & Top CBS Execs Accused Of Destroying Evidence In Corporate Battle With Shari Redstone

The timing of their use of TigerText back in and around November 2015 comes a year after the giant Sony hack that spewed boatloads of internal documents and damaging communication online. In the clearest spotlight, Moonves and Ianniello's use of TigerText would wipe out any record of their conversations related to the board's vote back in May to change CBS Corporation's bylaws and other details relevant to the courtroom fight with Redstone and NAI, as well as elements of discussions around a merger with Viacom.
UPDATED with a statement from CBS Less than 24 hours after the CBS Board of Directors let Les Moonves stay in his job despite sexual misconduct allegations, the CEO and other executives were accused of destroying evidence in the the media company's increasingly pitched battle with Shari Redstone and her family run National Amusements for corporate control.
In a potentially stunning and heavily redacted filing in Delaware that was unsealed this morning, Moonves, CBS COO Joe Ianniello and others are accused of using the self-destructing messaging app TigerText to communicate and "the systematic deletion of highly relevant documents…over a two year period."
Including Moonves and Redstone, the CBS ruling body's gathering was planned ahead of the release of quarterly earnings on Thursday, but clearly took on a heightened sense of urgency over the weekend after the New Yorker dropped an article on July 27 where six women came forward with claims against the CEO. In the Ronan Farrow penned article, the women assert that Moonves had forced himself on them and then retaliated professionally when he did not get the result he was allegedly seeking.
“Tiger Text was implemented by CBS’s Information Security Group for cybersecurity reasons following the Sony hack, and was not developed or used for any nefarious or sinister communications as some have alleged,” the media company said in a statement.
"Once confronted, the CBS Parties acknowledged the use of the self-destructing messaging system," it adds damningly, claiming that until the use of TigerText became known on July 18 the Moonves run company tried to keep the lid on it for the lawsuit now scheduled for an October trial start. "The NAI Parties bring this motion in response to the CBS Parties’ recent admission that relevant evidence has already been destroyed, including after the CBS Parties filed suit, and to protect against the significant risk that additional spoliation could occur," the July 23 filed 15-page emergency motion declares (read it here).
The timing of today's unsealing certainly has a provocative edge as it so closely follows the CBS Board's unorthodox and much derided decision to keep Moonves in his post during independent investigations in the sexual misconduct claims and the company's overall culture. On Monday, the Board also shifted its already previously shifted annual shareholder meeting to a TBD date.
“Those were mistakes, and I regret them immensely. “I recognize that there were times decades ago when I may have made some women uncomfortable by making advances,” Moonves was quoted in response in the New Yorker piece.  But I always understood and respected—and abided by the principle—that ‘no’ means ‘no,’ and I have never misused my position to harm or hinder anyone’s career.”” />
TigerText is one of a class of self-destructing messaging apps that gained popularity among the suit-and-tie set after the Sony Pictures hack.
On the company's website, TigerConnect touts features including secure messaging — in which messages automatically delete after a set period of time, errant messages can be retracted before or after they've been read (removing all traces of a message from a conversation) and documents can be shared.
CBS issued a statement, saying its executives were simply following the advice of the media company's security team after the 2014 cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment disgorged emails that made public private conversations and business deals.
"In my opinion, based on information provided to me to date, CBS did not deploy the TigerText application in an acceptable business use manner that would result in an enhancement to its overall cybersecurity protection," said BlurVoyant's Global Head, Cyber Forensics and Incident Response Austin P. Berglas in a significantly redacted declaration that accompanied the filing made last week (read it here).

What Is TigerText, The App At The Center Of The Latest Salvo In the NA/CBS Legal Battle?

These self-destructing messaging apps — Frankly, Blink, Wickr and Confide — are less well known than Snapchat, but offer features such as encrypted messages, disappearing photos and the like.
CBS CEO Leslie Moonves and COO Joe Ianniello and others are accused of using the self-destructing messaging app TigerText to communicate and for “the systematic deletion of highly relevant documents…over a two year period.”” /> Now, it's at the heart of the ongoing legal battle between CBS and its controlling shareholder, Shari Redstone's National Amusements.
It's designed to work across large organizations, though the company positions its product (now referred to as TigerConnect) for healthcare professionals for whom patient confidentiality is not only desirable — but mandated by federal law.
The success of Snapchat inspired a whole range of ephemeral, now-you-see-it, now-you-don't apps for consumers concerned about protecting their privacy.
Hollywood became interested in this technology after the embarrassing disclosures that came in the aftermath of the 2014 Sony Pictures Entertainment cyberattack, which divulged private conversations and confidential business terms.
TigerText falls into this broad category of secure messaging apps, which allows users to share encrypted messages that automatically delete after a set period of time, retract "errant" messages, remove all traces from a conversation, share documents.

Sony Pictures’ Marketing & Distribution Divisions Hit With Layoffs

A Business Intelligence Group, led by Jamie Kramer, will infuse digital tools, data science, and campaign & audience insights in order to build strategic marketing frameworks for our movie campaigns.
An Audience and Data-Strategy Group, led by Bryan Wessel, will determine how to turn audience data into action.
In the email, Greenstein said that this move will impact positions in strategy, publicity, media, operations, consumer, and distribution as the company moves forward in "streamlining some of our more traditional marketing operations and consolidating various international and domestic groups into single global teams."
Additionally, we will be establishing a new in-house Digital Media Performance Buying Team that will report to Stefanie and be led by Bryan Wessel. Bringing this in-house will give Sony Pictures more control over our data-driven media buying process and will allow us to get closer to our consumers, with deeper and more direct insight into our audiences’ preferences and how to best reach them. A Global Media Planning and Buying Group, led by Stefanie Napoli, will strategically invest our media and digital buying dollars.
More broadly, with these shifts and our emphasis towards digital, we are streamlining some of our more traditional marketing operations and consolidating various international and domestic groups into single global teams. While many of these changes and decisions have been difficult, I’m confident that these steps will help us achieve our goals to become a stronger and more nimble organization. These moves have resulted in the elimination of positions in our research and strategy, publicity, media, operations, consumer, and distribution groups.
This news comes on the heel of yesterday's announcement that international marketing president Michael Horn was exiting his post, with Paul Noble, EVP of international creative advertising, assuming the role of co-president.
Here's today's memo:
Variety was first to break this news.” />
Several key areas under our Customer Activation and Strategy GDC, led by Elias Plishner, will be reorganized:
I’d like to update you all on changes in structure and reporting lines, and how this realignment will impact our marketing operations overall moving forward. Working together with my direct reports and GDC heads, we have shaped a plan to launch us forward. Last month, I announced the reorganization of our marketing operations into Global Digital Centers (GDC) to better align us with the increasingly global and digitally-focused media landscape.
Josh Greenstein, president of worldwide marketing and distribution at Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Motion Picture Group, has just sent a memo to staffers announcing the company is cutting down on staff in its marketing and distribution departments as part of a reorganization.
Our Client Services GDC, led by Ann-Elizabeth Crotty, will consist of the following operations: Trailer finishing, TV finishing, print advertising, legal clearances and ratings, and exhibitor relations. In shaping this structure over the past few weeks, it became clear that bringing together the functions closest to exhibitors and customers would help us integrate support for both internal and external clients.
Some of you are now taking on new roles, responsibilities or new reporting relationships, and I appreciate your continued focus, resilience and ability to work through change. The reorganization will help our department better reflect the realities of how movies are released today, and build the connective tissue needed internally and externally to be effective and efficient.
"The reorganization will help our department better reflect the realities of how movies are released today, and build the connective tissue needed internally and externally to be effective and efficient," he wrote in the memo (read it below). "Some of you are now taking on new roles, responsibilities or new reporting relationships, and I appreciate your continued focus, resilience and ability to work through change."