Broadway Box Office Climbs To $29M; Kenneth Lonergan’s ‘The Waverly Gallery’ Joins Roster

Also in previews is The Lifespan of a Fact, starring Daniel Radcliffe, Cherry Jones and Bobby Cannavale, taking $737,129 with attendance of 5,897 (about 73% capacity) at Studio 54.
Attendance of 4,906,800 was about 4% higher than last year. Season to date, Broadway has grossed $631,095,409, a 16% jump over last year at this time.
Theresa Rebeck's Bernhardt/Hamlet starring Janet McTeer opened to generally strong reviews at the American Airlines Theatre on Sept. The Roundabout Theater Company's subscription-heavy production took in $280,542, with 92% of seats filled. 25.
All figures courtesy of the trade group Broadway League.” />
Attendance of 4,208 was just shy of 90% capacity. 25.) New to the line-up was The Waverly Gallery, the Broadway premiere of Kenneth Lonergan's 2001 Pulitzer Prize finalist starring Elaine May, Lucas Hedges, Joan Allen and Michael Cera. (Opening night is Oct. The new entry at the John Golden Theater played six previews, taking $307,718.
Also opening last week, to mixed reviews, was The Nap, racking up $180,313, about 29% of potential. Though attendance of 4,483 was 87% of capacity, an average $40 ticket price kept box office at the Friedman low.
30) was $29,521,717, with attendance of  233,389 at 87% of capacity for the 29 Broadway productions. Broadway was shaking off whatever summer blues lingered last week, with an expanding roster and a 12% jump in revenue from the previous week. Total box office for Week 18 (ending Sept.

Broadway Box Office Dips To $26M; Daniel Radcliffe Returns To NYC Stage

School of Rock at the Winter Garden took in $558,874, about 39% of a potential $1.4M. On the other end of the spectrum, Head Over Heels made a small $211,156, filling about 45% of seats at the Hudson, while Once On This Island at Circle in the Square, grossed $389,854, about 50% of potential.
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child donated 1,500 tickets on Sept. The contribution was apparent in the production's 22% drop in box office (to $1.5 million, from the previous week's $2 million). Rowling to rescue children from harmful orphanages around the world. 23 to Lumos, the organization founded by J.K.
Theresa Rebeck's Bernhardt/Hamlet fared a bit better, taking $308,873 of a potential $615,040. Attendance of 5,473 – 93% of capacity – reflected a $56 average ticket price.
Gone for good were Carousel, Gettin' The Band Back Together and Spongebob Squarepants; Springsteen On Broadway was on hiatus (back Sept. The slips were due, in part, to fewer shows (27 productions compared to the previous week's 29). 26).
The latter pretty much scratched at $161,178, 23% of potential. Attendance of 4,731 was a decent 92% of capacity but with a meager average ticket price of $34. Friedman), Richard Bean's comedy about the conniving world of snooker players. Also in previews were Bernhardt/Hamlet (at American Airlines Theater), starring Janet McTeer as the legendary actress Sarah Bernhardt, and The Nap (at the Samuel J.
The week's newcomer, The Lifespan of a Fact at Studio 54, written by Jeremy Kareken, David Murrell and Gordon Farrell, based on the nonfiction book about the convoluted publication of an essay regarding a teenager's suicide, previewed with four performances, taking $476,531, a good 83% of potential. Attendance of 3,669 was 91% of capacity, with an average ticket price of $130.
Daniel Radcliffe, Cherry Jones and Bobby Cannavale arrived on Broadway this week in The Lifespan of a Fact, pulling in solid box office for four preview performances during a week that saw most productions dipping or hanging steady.
Selling out (or close, at 98% capacity or more) were: Come From Away, Dear Evan Hansen, Hamilton, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (including the donated tickets), Pretty Woman, The Book of Mormon and The Lion King.
Even so, about 87% of seats were filled. In all, Broadway's $26,309,336 box office total for Week 17 (ending Sept. 23) was down 8.5% from the previous week, with attendance of 223,438 off about 13%.
All figures courtesy of the trade group Broadway League.” />
Attendance of 4,673,411 – about 91% of capacity – is 4% over last year. Season to date, Broadway has taken in $601,573,692, about 15% more than last year at this time.

Broadway Box Office Droops To $29M; ‘Straight White Men’ Signs Off

The comedy thriller, directed by Daniel Sullivan, has some time to gain traction before its September 27 opening. The Nap, from English playwright Richard Bean and starring Ben Schnetzer and John Ellison Conlee, played its first six performances at the Samuel J. Attendance was 2,945, about 76% of capacity. Friedman Theatre, grossing $106,016, a small 17% of potential, even with an average ticket price of $36.
Springsteen on Broadway, now on hiatus until Sept. 26, played to its usual SRO crowds, grossing $1,932,670 and still far and away the priciest seat on Broadway at an average $510 per.
The Band's Visit, which has recouped its $8.5 million capitalization, grossed $795,184 during Broadway's Week 15, with attendance of 7,848 at 94% of capacity.
Attendance of 4,301 was about 83% of capacity, with an average ticket going for $57. (Opening night is September 25). In its second week of previews at American Airlines Theatre, Theresa Rebeck's Bernhardt/Hamlet, starring the great Janet McTeer, took in $243,681 for seven performances, 45% of potential.
The Hayes Theatre was 96% full for the week, with tickets going for an average $86. In the final week of its limited engagement, Straight White Men, starring Josh Charles, Armie Hammer and Paul Schneider, took in $382,324, 60% of potential.
All figures courtesy of the trade group Broadway League.” />
The week's sellouts (or close enough at 98% capacity or more) were Come From Away, Dear Evan Hansen, Hamilton, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Springsteen On Broadway, The Book of Mormon and The Lion King.
Attendance for the 15 weeks is 4.2 million, 91% of capacity and 3% more than last year. Season to date, Broadway has taken in $546.5 million, 16% more than last year at this time.
Bernhardt/Hamlet and The Nap braved the summer heat with Broadway previews last week as overall box office dropped about 8% to $29.5 million. 9) was 249,078, about 85% of capacity. Attendance for the 31 productions running during Week 15 (ending Sept.
Head Over Heels kept struggling at the Hudson, with $215,899 repping just 24% of potential.
Last week at the Belasco showed why: A gross of $195,896 was a tiny 21% of potential, and attendance of 3,382 was 44% of capacity. Gettin' the Band Back Together, the critically rebuffed musical that never found a footing with audiences, will close September 16, chalking up just 30 previews and 40 regular performances.