Argentina’s FilmSharks & Vista Sur, Peru’s Golem & Zentropa Spain’s Animation Arm Doce Launch ‘Dalia’ — AFM

According to the producers, this is among the first Spanish-language animations to combine CGI characters, stop motion and classic 2D animation. Delivery is set for 2020. Production is underway and FilmSharks is launching sales and early footage.
EXCLUSIVE: Argentinian firms FilmSharks and Vista Sur, Peru's Golem and Zentropa's Spain-based animation arm Doce are launching animation film Dalia Y El Libro Rojo 3D (Dalia And The Red Book 3D) at the AFM.
It's the NeverEnding Story meets ParaNorman or The Corpse Bride."” /> FilmSharks boss Guido Rudd told us, “Dalia is budgeted at less than $5M but has the look and feel of much bigger movie.
David Bisbano, whose Rodencia And The Princess Tooth 3D was a strong seller for FilmSharks, will direct. It is up to her to take on his unfinished work, in the process coming face to face with characters from his stories. Pic follows 12 year-old Dalia, the daughter of a recently deceased famous writer.