‘The Masked Singer’ Team On Having To Elevate Every Season, Particularly During Covid With Stand-In Host – Contenders TV Docs + Unscripted

Jeong himself revealed that The Masked Singer, based on a Korean format, was much bigger than he ever anticipated.
I marvel at how she did that with just a few days’ notice, I’m in awe, this is a very hard show to moderate." Our chemistry was instant. Ken Jeong, one of the stars of the show, speaking at Deadline’s Contenders Television: Documentary + Unscripted awards-season event, said that Nash fit the show like a “glove." "She was amazing to do it on such short notice.
Showrunner James Breen and exec producer Rosie Seitchik also discussed how they kept the show fresh.
“That’s an idea we’ve had for a couple of seasons and it felt like we had right cast to do it this season. “I think it’s something that we’re going to do again.” The wildcards felt like they’d only work if they were bringing something fresh to the competition,” said Breen.
When asked who he thought would win the show, which ends May 26, Jeong joked, “America is going to win for the fifth season straight.”
I thought this was something I’d do when I look for my next television gig… little did I know, this would be my base and it really is the best TV job I’ve ever had,” he said. “I have more freedom creatively on this than I did on my own scripted show that I created and wrote.” Ken had gotten cancelled. “I didn’t know if it’d be a one off or not when I first started and I as available when my own sitcom Dr.
Seitchik said that some people come for the singing and others come for the “crazy, elaborate, dream-like” costumes. “This show has something for everybody,” she added. “We keep having to elevate every season to outdo ourselves.”
This year, they also had to do it in the middle of Covid-19, a pandemic that initially hobbled their host Nick Cannon. The entertainer was replaced for the first five episodes by Niecy Nash, who had previously been a panelist.
Check back Monday for the panel video.” />
He admitted it’s always tough to cast shows like this and particularly in the middle of the pandemic.
The Masked Singer is currently in the middle of its fifth season on Fox and the team behind it is aware it needs to outdo itself each season to keep fans glued to their screens.
Breen explained how and why they brought in four wildcard contestants including Cannon himself as a bulldog, Mark McGrath as an orca, and Bobby Brown as a crab.

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