‘The Moodys’: Watch Season 2 Trailer Plus Executive Explain Why The Show Didn’t Stick With Holiday Theme – TCA

Joining Leary, Fisher, and Greenberg for the panel discussion was star and EP Elizabeth Perkins as well as co-stars Jay Baruchel, Chelsea Frei, Francois Arnaud, Josh Segarra, Maria Gabriela de Faria, and EP Tad Quill.
According to the three-time Emmy nominated actress, Ann's evolution hit close to home. "I'm sort of basing it on my mother who, after the kids were grown, decided to go back to school and get her degree in psychology and become a counselor, which is something that she always wanted to do, but primarily because it was a really good way for her to go into therapy after having raised her children and gotten them all out the door," Perkins shared. For Perkins, this new season will mark a new stage in the life of her character Ann, who was finally able to get her degree..
Season 2 of The Moodys premieres April 1 on Fox.
"We're not saying we'll never tie stuff to holidays, but we wanted to be able to just do different kinds of stories throughout the year." "We wanted to be able to do episodes throughout the year and we didn't want to have to be creatively tied to Christmas every time," said executive producer Bob Fisher during Fox's presentation.
Sean Sr. who contemplating retirement, go on a road trip across the country in an RV with Ann, while Sean Jr. This season sees the Moodys, once again, all under the same roof. Bridget, who is in the midst of a divorce, returns home while her fancy new townhouse is being renovated, and Dan leaves Brooklyn for Chicago to live with his girlfriend, Cora, only to realize the relationship is moving too quickly. continues to brew up schemes to get rich quick. In reality, however, Ann has no intention of leaving her new psychology practice, and Sean Jr. takes over the family HVAC business.
"Anybody that has adult children, and I do — I have two adult children — after having them, raise them and love them for as long as you have within the course of a marriage, you do have a lot of love and anger and stories and experiences to build on in dealing with especially adult children," teased star Denis Leary, who also serves as an executive producer on the series.
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"We felt like we could really broaden it and explore a lot of different things." We liked the families, we liked the relationships," added executive producer Rob Greenberg. "We liked these characters.
During today's TCA presser, Fox unveiled an extended look at the upcoming sophomore season, which can be viewed below. The Moodys is set to make its return April Fool's Day with back-to-back episodes to reunite the audience with the tight-knit, but slightly dysfunctional Moody family through their misadventures.
That long-term marriage of over 30 years and raising kids and putting herself on the back burner because now she's getting into the front burner but she has no idea what that looks like. "So I think, for Ann, it's a combination of, I want to do something else with life and I also really need to talk to somebody about what your experience has been like. So it's been great to explore that through my mother's eyes. I don't think she has any more answers than she did last year, but I think she knows herself a little bit better."
This upcoming season will take a different approach. Based on the Australian series A Moody Christmas, The Moodys started as a Christmas event comedy series with the first installment airing during the holiday season last year.

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