‘The Morning Show’ Kills Off Major Character

Kessler and Levy reunite there, mainly so she can convince him to deny they ever slept together. To get away from all of the flack he’s dealing with after being labeled a sexual harasser, Mitch travels to Italy in an attempt to dodge the consequences, as recapped by USA Today. While the meeting was initially icy, she admits to missing their fun times together.
Instead of trying to steer himself from danger, he takes his hands off the wheel and closes his eyes. In the episode's final scene, as Mitch is driving he is suddenly blinded by headlights, and his car goes over the cliff. He sees himself dancing with Alex, and the screen fades to black.
"Mitch, just because you didn’t mean to do it doesn’t make it OK," she says. The moment is ruined when a news report reveals that Black women were the target of Mitch's inappropriate behavior, which pissed off Alex.
SPOILER ALERT: The story includes details about the October 29 episode of Apple TV+'s The Morning Show.
The show depicts the power struggles inside a network morning show, pulling back the curtain on the smiling faces that greet the nation every day, showing that workplace struggles and power plays are as much a part of high-level broadcasting as the weather report. In the latest episode of Apple TV+'s The Morning Show, the series bid farewell to its original male lead.
"It's done so beautifully, and it's very poetic, in a way. That's her only friend. That's her one person she has in the world." But that's (Alex's) only ally. Aniston had strong feeling about the character's departure, "It was so heartbreaking," she told USA Today of the exit.
And yet you're going to throw me to the wolves.' So I think she has a real come to Jesus (moment) in terms of integrity and truth and who she is and who she really wants to be."” /> "It's one of the many things that lead her to the brutal reality and facing who she is and who she refuses to actually be, because their last conversation is so poignant," she said. "Basically, 'I will do this for you in order for you to continue this façade of who you need so desperately to be.
Aniston mentions that Mitch’s death is a catalyst for Alex's deep self-reflection.
That's right, Mitch Kessler is dead. But now, Steve Carell’s character is gone forever.
His friend and only ally Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) was devastated to hear that Mitch was gone. It seems Kessler, the power-hungry, abusive broadcaster drove his car off a cliff at the end of the episode.
"I want to be a good person.” That may be the case, but there is nothing she can do for him. "I want to be a better person," he pleads with her.

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