‘The Simpsons’ Replaces Harry Shearer With Black Actor To Voice Dr. Hibbert

Hank Azaria also said last January that he would step back from voicing the Indian American convenience-store proprietor Apu after being heavily criticized for doing so.” /> The Simpsons‘ new policy followed Family Guy veteran Mike Henry announcement last year that he would no longer voice the black Cleveland Brown character on Fox’s long-running animated hit.
Burns. Hibbert since the character's debut more than 30 years ago. Shearer had been the voice of Dr. Shearer will continue to voice his other characters Including Ned Flanders, Principal Skinner and Mr.
Julius Hibbert, Deadline has confirmed. Last June, The Simpsons announced that white actors would no longer be voicing Black characters on the show, and now Harry Shearer has been replaced by veteran voice actor Kevin Michael Richardson in the role of Dr.
Hibbert was his last, and Richardson will take over the character's voice beginning Sunday, February 28. Fox confirmed to Deadline that last night's "Diary Queen" episode featuring Shearer as the voice of Dr.

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