‘The Tonight Show’ Plans More Musical Sketches As Broadway Week Kicks Into Gear

But it hasn’t – and I will be the first one to say certain things are challenging –been that challenging. Planning started in July and August and Granet-Bederman, who has been in the job for nearly a year after working with Fallon for the last 12 years, said it wasn’t as challenging as it might appear. Our talent department did such an amazing job choosing the right acts and it’s a testament to our production staff.” “I was nervous about it when we started talking about, in terms of how are we going to pull this off.
Jimmy Fallon’s NBC late-night talkshow has been celebrating the return of the city’s theater district, felled over the last 18 months as a result of the pandemic.
So that people find it interesting because in this world of Instagram, you’re [already] voyeuristic into everyone’s lives as it is.” It’s about working out how to use the right celebrities in the right ways. “We’re always trying to do more of the parodies and things like Broadway’s back and embrace pop culture into Jimmy’s world. “We hope to get [stars] into the studio, people want to see people having fun and interacting. We’re trying to do that as much as we can in Covid safeness,” she added.
Tonight, sees Dear Evan Hansen featuring Ben Platt, followed by Six and Wicked.
Granet-Bederman, who works closely with co-showrunner Nedaa Sweiss, said that now the summer break is over, they’ve got some exciting things lined up over the next few months.
She added that the timing was important to support the arts across the city.  “Let’s do it when they need it, let’s bring attention to it. It’s so New York and so iconic.”
Following Fallon’s Broadway’s Back number with Lin-Manuel Miranda in June, the comedian and his team are welcoming five Broadway shows to 30 Rock. Little Shop of Horrors kicked things off on Monday (see video below), followed by The Tina Turner musical.
Broadway’s back and The Tonight Show is celebrating.
He comes from that model of SNL, where you write something, build a set, he’s seen that and lived it, and therefore he has such respect for Broadway.” Granet-Bederman said, “Jimmy is such a fan of Broadway. It's the musician in him that really respects the craft of performance, and really understands it.
The Tonight Show co-showrunner Jamie Granet-Bederman told Deadline why they planned a weekly musical extravaganza, Fallon’s love for a musical spot and plans to ramp up the parodies that it does over the next few months as late-night kicks into gear following the summer break.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJYQtTkdpxQ” />
It is Fallon’s first Broadway special since he hosted his previous NBC talker Late Night.
She highlighted its recent viral Wandavision spoof, which she credited to Sweiss, as one of the other areas that they’d like to do more, building on Fallon’s silly streak. She also teased a big set piece with Jerry Seinfeld in coming weeks.

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