Twitch, NFL & IMDb TV Push Amazon’s Monthly Ad-Supported Streaming To 120M Viewers, From 20M In January 2020

Earlier today, Amazon said it would begin a deal to stream Thursday Night Football exclusively in 2022, a year ahead of schedule. It recently locked up a decade-long rights deal with the NFL, a pact that will replace the existing sharing arrangement with linear broadcaster Fox and cable's NFL Network.
In its debut appearance at the NewFronts, Amazon offered some eye-opening statistics to illustrate its ramped-up efforts in ad-supported video streaming.
Amazon called out video game viewing hub Twitch, IMDb TV and live sports like NFL Thursday Night Football, 3P network and broadcaster apps, and Amazon’s News app. The company said all of its over-the-top streaming reaches more than 120 million monthly viewers of ad-supported OTT content, up from 20 million viewers in January 2020.
About 62% of the service's viewers are between the ages of 18 and 49 and they spend an average of 5.5 hours per week on the service. IMDb TV launched two years ago as Freedive before rebranding. The free, ad-supported outlet offers a range of library film and TV titles, including premium fare like Mad Men, and has been expanding its slate of originals. Amazon also said that IMDb TV viewership has risen 138% year-over-year. IMDb TV will launch this summer on Android and iOS mobile devices.
The category increased 77% in the quarter, to $6.9 billion.” /> The stats and news came during a virtual presentation to ad buyers in a day that also featured ad-supported streaming rivals Roku, Crackle Plus and Tubi TV. It doesn't break out advertising sales, but includes them in a line item for “Other” business. After years of being a distant third to fellow tech giants Facebook and Google in annual ad revenue, Amazon has picked up significant steam. The tech company reported record first-quarter earnings last week.

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