Tyson Fury Knocks Out Deontay Wilder To Retain Heavyweight Boxing Title

Tyson Fury's flurry of punches knocked out Deontay Wilder in the 11th round last night in a heavyweight title fight at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Fury moved to 31-0 and retained his WBC crown atop the division.
The fight, the third between the antagonists, was a slugfest that lived up to the pre-fight hype. Fury has won two of the fights, with the other ending in a controversial draw.
Wilder, who is now 42-2, knocked down Fury twice during the match. Wilder was also knocked down himself in the third round, but came back strong until the seventh round, when he wound up on the ropes and appeared to tire from Fury's relentless attack.
In the 11th roun, Fury caught Wilder with an uppercut, then landed the final knockout punch.” /> In the ninth round, a Fury punch busted Wilder's lip open, and followed up in the 10th round with a shot that sent Wilder to the canvas.

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