ViacomCBS Postpones Return To Offices As January Emerges As New Industry Target Date Amid Delta Surge

Union  employees are subject to what is outlined in their  applicable collective bargaining agreement. We are currently engaging with the unions on this issue and have  advised  each Union that the company expects to apply the policy to the  ViacomCBS  employees that it  represents.
through the end of 2021,  and  the  Green  phase will now launch  no sooner than January 10, 2022. We are now extending the voluntary  Yellow  phase in the U.S.
We also understand that many of you may wonder how the need for a vaccine booster shot will impact this policy and we will be in touch with additional details when public health guidance is released.
Other major Hollywood companies and talent agencies, including Disney, Netflix, Fox Entertainment, CAA, UTA and ICM Partners, have not set firm return-to-office dates. Many of them are floating an early-to-mid-January full reopening  with a regular or hybrid schedule.
Bob” />
Additionally, our mandatory indoor mask requirement remains in effect of everyone – regardless of vaccination status – at all ViacomCBS locations worldwide.
This requirement applies to employees in all three of our work models, including fully remote employees who we expect will come into the office occasionally, as well as VCNI employees who come from abroad and all other visitors.
On August 4, Bakish sent a memo notifying employees that "we are delaying the Green Phase of our return – when most of us will come into the office as part of the hybrid model – until October 18, 2021, at the very earliest."
ViacomCBS CEO Bob Bakish made the announcement in a company memo Friday, saying that the "Green  phase" of the return-to-office process "will now launch  no sooner than January 10, 2022." Everyone entering ViacomCBS'  offices in that phase will have to be fully vaccinated.
As we deal with the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, I want to thank you again for all your efforts to ensure that we continue to do right by our audiences and communities.
(Amazon set a Jan. ViacomCBS joins tech giants with extensive entertainment divisions Amazon and Apple, which both pushed their returns to the office until at least January last month. 3 date for the process to begin.)
Here are key portions of Bakish's new company email from Friday, a copy of which was obtained by Deadline:
ViacomCBS has become the first major Hollywood film and television conglom to set a January date for all employees to return to the office.
Sony Pictures Entertainment Postponing Return To Work Plan By Likely One Month
7 five days a week, vaccinated as well as wearing a mask in compliance with the Los Angeles County’s indoor mask mandate. The office is currently open with everyone in, vaccinated and masked. WME did proceed with its plan to have everyone back in the Beverly Hills headquarters on Sept.
Once we get past October, Hollywood enters the holiday stretch which includes a break for Thanksgiving and a customary two-week office closure in December. January is a logical next target date.
locations: Since my last return to office update in early August,  we’ve  seen the global public health landscape continue to shift due to the impact of the Delta variant. With COVID-19 infections steadily increasing in areas where most  ViacomCBS  employees are based, we have decided to implement the following policies  for all employees at our U.S.
All critical operations and production employees who had previously been  permitted  to enter our U.S. facilities without being fully vaccinated  will now  need to be fully vaccinated, no later than November 8, 2021.
And, while I realize some may have questions about our approach, please know that we will continue to base our decisions on the facts, and with close consideration for local conditions. We’ve heard consistently from medical and safety experts that putting these protocols in place will best protect our employee community and help us run our business more effectively. We also heard from many of you that these changes would significantly alleviate your concerns about returning to the office. And, we believe President Biden’s announcement yesterday regarding vaccine mandates for employers reinforces this decision.
(NBCUniversal is reopening its lot in mid-October, with fully vaccinated staffers encouraged to come in if it makes sense to them.) In lieu of a mandatory return date, the companies have opened their offices to employees on a voluntary basis, with Covid protocols that generally require vaccinations/regular testing as well as wearing masks in some or all indoor areas. Virtually all Hollywood studios and agencies most recently had September or October office-return target dates after originally hoping for a summer restart as the goal post has kept moving amid the ongoing monster Covid surge fueled by the Delta variant.
In the Green phase,  everyone entering our U.S. offices  must be fully vaccinated.
locations  voluntarily  during the  Yellow  phase  must be fully vaccinated. As a reminder, all employees who enter our U.S.

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