‘Z Nation’ Producers Placed On WGA’s Strike/Unfair List; Writers Owed $5.1 Million In Unpaid Residuals, Benefits & Interest, Guild Says

Our solidarity as writers is a method that rectifies these abuses.”” /> Do not accept any writing assignment from these entities until further notice. “The WGA will continue to pursue all monies owed,” WGA West leaders told their members on Friday, noting that the guild’s working rules “prohibit members from working for or selling literary material to all companies or individuals who are on the Strike/Unfair List, or who are not signed to the current minimum basic agreement.
The production companies and executive producers behind Z Nation have been placed on the WGA’s Strike/Unfair List for allegedly failing to pay more than $5.1 million in residuals, pension and health contributions, and interest owed to the writers of the former series.
WGA also said that Bales is a member of Black Summer 01 LLC, which developed Black Summer, the prequel to Z Nation, and that Black Summer 01 LLC is not signed to the guild’s contract. In a message to its members, the guild noted that Rimawi, Latt and Bales are also officers, members or directors of the struck companies.
Deadline left messages at the companies but has yet to hear back from them.
“Seven months later,” the guild said, “the writers have still not been paid, and interest continues to accrue, which is why more than $5.1 million is now owed.” The WGA says Z Nation’s executive producers David Rimawi, David Michael Latt, Paul Bales and Steve Graham and its production entities – The Global Asylum, Go2 Digital Media and Go2 Z 3 LLC, Go2 Z 4 LLC and Go2 Z 5 LLC – have failed to honor an arbitrator’s decision from October in which the companies and Graham were ordered to pay $4,832,748 in unpaid residuals and pension and health contributions, plus interest.
The zombie-apocalypse drama aired for five seasons on Syfy and now is streaming on Netflix.

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